Jun 26, 2019


This morning the second part of my commute was challenging. Honestly on the 3rd stop into my train ride to work. He - young Asian approximately 24/26 years old sat next to me and my equalibrium takes a nose dive. In short it was torturous. He had hard rock music blasting in ear via headphones. I looked at him in hopes it would prompt him to lower the volume, no such luck. I was dying a slow death. My mood took a dip. My ear began to hurt. I lost focused and couldn't concentrate on my book. I began to take slow breaths as my irritation level began to rise along with my temper. I began an interval mantra - breath, in, out, in, out. Every song seem worst and louder than the previous. I shifted my position turning my body toward him and my ears away. The train was fairly full and I had a ways to go.

Heavy metal/hard rock really upsets my equalibrium, I don't know why, it just does. I don't judge who loves it because simply we love what we love. My system however just can't tolerate it. Some may say no big deal I say FUCK it's GINORMOUS  for me and that's no exaggeration!! I had no choice but to keep it together... public transit and all that. As I navigated the slow torture I focused on breathing and grounding myself. I closed the digital book I was reading, turned off my phone and mentally went through a series of deep mantra breathing exercises. Just when I thought I wouldn't make it and may have to get up and weave my way through the crowded car away from the "music" blessedly he got off.

I was so thankful. I could truly breathe again and my system calmed. The rest of my ride was serene. 

I am not sure why some people need to play their music so loudly that it breaches the parimeters of their earphones/headphones designed specifically to keep sound exclusive to become a public irritant and nuisance to others. It would be nice if people exercise some mindfulness and be cognizant of how their choices and actions affect and impact others around them.


  1. It's possible your seatmate has already ruined his hearing and just cranks the volume higher and higher. As a municipal gardener for 4 decades, I sat on very loud machines and owe what hearing remains on an excellent variety of ear-protectors. I didn't escape the curse of tinnitus, but there are hearing-aids that mask much of the ringing. There are some serviceable noise-cancelling headsets on the market now that should help during your commute. Good luck!

    1. Its the arrogance of youth. the young feel invisible and behave as such...

  2. YIKES! So sorry you had to go through that, but thank godoness you found a way to handle it. I don't understand how people can listen to loud blaring music in their ears either, but it definitely makes it rough for th rest of us sitting near. Hugs, RO

    1. Thanks Ro, it was difficult. i was ready to vacate my seat as it was fast becoming maddening for me. Luckily i didn't have to as he got off.

  3. That is so terribly inconsiderate. I suppose he doesn't realize that he is truly damaging his hearing. He probably already has, which is probably the reason he needs to have it so loud. Tsk.

    1. It is often the consequence of commuting on public transit. while i pride myself on being equipped for just about anything I was not on this day and resorted to lots of praying. :)


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