56 Gratitude Journal

Often when we are caught up in life's challenges we are so enraptured in the journey that we forget to pause and say thank you. We begin to take the things and people in our lives for granted and we fail to introduce grace into our lives. I am very guilty of this.

It is the spirit of creating a space for "Grace" in my life that I open this his Gratitude Journal, to remind myself to always be grateful to remain humble and say THANK YOU. I invite you to journey along with me daily in thankfulness.

There is only one rule: Find ONE thing, no matter how small to be thankful for and acknowledge the reason for that thankfulness.

To, Think It, Feel It, Believe It, Say It, Say It Out Loud, Speak It Softly, Sing It, Sign It, Pray It, Praise It, Write It, Rap It, Share It, Acknowledge It, and most of all, Pass it on, and…Inspire someone
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