Aug 18, 2012

62 You Say you love me?....KEEP IT!

You say you love me

Yet, with every breath you condemn me

Words fly out your mouth without doubt

“Baby I love you, come let me hold you”

“Your breasts are so small, get some implants for me”

Spewing words that threaten to dismantle me

Contaminate me

Deconstruct me

Annihilate me

Naively I could not see that YOU were the enemy

Until you declared your love for me

With a punctuated slap and a chokehold that stunned me

Couldn’t catch my breath

I was so perplexed

It get me vex

The anger riled in me

Looking for context

Muted in place

Mind racing to comprehend

Going through the who, what, why, where and when


Dizzy from the mental query


How could all this be happening to me?

What’s going on?

What went wrong?

Who is this man?


Who. He. Be?

Singing sweet words of loving eternity

Only to devour my spirit and suffocate the WILL in me

I didn’t expect a saint

Neither did I expect SATAN

Serving up “love” with a reprimand

I am worth more than the back of a man’s hand

I’ve had enough!

Once is all it takes

No need to be chained to this mistake

You say you love me?


I love me more!

I have a LIFE to LIVE,

Much LOVE to give,

Dreams to fulfill,

A world to explore,

Am walking out the door

Ah ah !


Not. A. Word…

SAVE… the declaration

This relationship just hit its expiration


Written by D.B.S. Rhapsody © All rights reserved


  1. That’s me…to a tee – about 7 years ago. I made the break!

    Hey Fab! How’s life? I just got home from Barrie. My husband’s aunt passed away. It was very sudden and so sad. We’re trying to get back into the grind of life. Thanks for poppin’ in. As you may have noticed, I got just ‘so far’ with that damn music on my site! LOL…

    Take care…

    1. Congratulations! You have taken back your power now dwell in your excellence of being.

      Yeah! Congrats, great job!

  2. This is a really good one.
    Your random thoughts touch me.

  3. wow, what a powerful piece of writing!

  4. Very impressive. You have talent!!

  5. Very intense!
    Thanks for sharing it!:)

    1. hmmmm, violence in any degree is intense..
      you are welcome

  6. Poignant, tragic, powerful and empowering. You said it! Once is one too many times. You go, girl!

  7. As always, I love your words. They always provoke thought. Let that person keep their "love". That’s not really love, anyway. Walk. Now. Peace.

    1. Thanks Joelle, coming from poet, its a nice compliment. The provocation of thought is a stimulant from reflection and growth.

  8. Sadly enough, many people live this way and you can see the life draining from them day to day.

    It usually takes something drastic to make them snap out of it and get out.

    I love the end.
    "Save the declaration.
    This love just hit its expiration."

    1. It takes a plathera of things because its a very complex situation. Two of the foundational things that is key is self-worth/esteem and self-love

      thank you

  9. Its so beautifully written and expressed, felt really touched. Yes sometimes we don’t need an enemy when friends are such. Is this love or plain selfishness, sometimes I wonder how we are manipulated because we want love. Just give love, don’t want any…never make it a need, otherwise every where you will meet similar kinds.

    on More cheerful and be happy…

    1. hmmmmmm......understanding our worth and truly loving our selves is important it aids in our ability to rise up and appropriately advocate for ourselves

  10. I hope it expired. LOL. Lise is doing just great. Thank you for all your prayers and blessings.

    1. for sure. wonderful! children are such joy.....

  11. Hey, by the way. I try to do Acts of Faith everyday. I feel you about our children, but I’m not going to just let it go. After all we live in a community and they are all our children and we have to look out for them all. Stay Cool.

  12. Thanks for dropping in I love your visits and your input………….the poem was about renewal and the power women have over life and death, you truly hold the key…………………..xx

  13. I likes the poem as I said before you writting beautifully and many people have touching their hearts too…
    I agrees ..I’ve had enough once is all it takes no need to be CHAINED to this MISTAKE……
    Always! tomorrow is another day…..
    Have a wonderful weekend, By the way Thank you for your comment in my picture.

    1. Thank you, thank you and thank you. Always wonderful to read from you.

  14. What more can I say…thank you for a huge ‘share’. I, like Laurie, (my online friend), finally after 13 yrs. gave the ‘man’ his immediate "expiration date">>love that line. That was over 17 yrs. ago and I was able to return to being ME, having my family & friends back. Most importantly, my 3 sons NO longer had to live with abuse,(mostly horrible EMOTIONAL abuse),and could enjoy their childhoods.

  15. Wow ! What a power packed performance - I could visualize every word that was penned.Left powerful visuals in my mind.Great stuff Sir Rhapsody !
    Have a great Sunday Ram

  16. Powerful and well said...thanks for sharing always :)

  17. Powerful and well said..thanks for sharing always :)

    1. thanks, its always good to read from you. I trust all is well with you?

  18. Powerful poem. "I love me more" hit me hard. Thanks for sharing. Hope many more women would be powerful enough to walk away from their 'mistakes'

    1. Self love is important, some think its conceited love however that is not the kind of love of which I speak, it is the love that allows you to rise up, stand up, speak up, make the tough choices, give yourself tough love and understanding through it all, you are worthy.

  19. A round of applause. This is L-O-V-E-L-Y.

  20. Strong words... sad end.
    I often say, just as much as God doesn't want the death of a sinner, he doesn't like the marriage end while both parties are still alive. May God quench the fire of divorce the devil has put in our world today.

    - LDP

    1. The devil will always be there to tempt and titillate however the power to choose is always in our hands. When people make conscious decisions that result in the financial, spiritual, mental, emotional, psychological and physical brutalization of others in the name of love, It is not a wise choice for the ones being terrorized, brutalized and demoralized for tea, breakfast, lunch and dinner to stay. It is not God's will that we be derogated and has infinite violence perpetrated against us. That is not love; it is in fact the antithesis of love.

      No one walks into a marriage thinking I will divorce tomorrow however that are some circumstances in which it is a necessity because it is a matter of life and death.

  21. What an incredible, powerful poem. This was definitely a toxic relationship.

    1. Absolutely and for every person who is able to recognize when they are in toxic relationships and are able to rise up, stand up and advocate for their selves and extricate themselves out of its toxicity have to be applauded and supported.

      I know you have a long standing marriage. What would you say are some of the key things that has allowed you to maintain and sustain your marriage?

    2. I guess it would be the traditional 3 Cs. Communication, Commitment, Compromise and actually lots of other stuff.

      I remember someone saying that if you say you're both trying to do 50% of the work in the house, it's not enough. You have to both be doing 75%.

      I think COMMUNICATION is #1. Not going to bed angry is another good thing. We always try to remember that no matter how angry you get, you don't say hurtful things. You say you don't like something your spouse did, not that you don't like your husband or that they are somehow bad. It's the same thing with children.

      Thank you for coming to my blog to let me know that you'd asked a question. I'd hate to miss this.

      No matter what, relationships require a lot of work, and both partners need to be willing and loving.

      From your posts, I can see what a loving, caring person you are. I love how you try to make the world a better place.

    3. Thank you so much Kay. I have to say I agree with your 3Cs 100% and it certainly takes two committed people actively working on a marriage for it to truly work out for it to be sustainable.

      Thanks again, the time you spent responding to my question is much valued and appreciated.

  22. Quite simply, brilliant!

  23. CLAPPING, just clapping, just clapping, clapping, clapping, clapping, cla-pp-ing....B-R-A-V-O! B-R-A-V-O!

    Another mater piece Rhapsody!

    Oh yes! like the line..I LOVE ME MORE!

    Women battery should stop! enough is enough!

  24. This is beautiful. looks like something i could send to a certain somebody :) *not doing it though*

    1. hmmmmmmm, you can always extend and invitation for the person(s) to participate in visiting/reading the blog.

      The truth of us (human beings) is that knowing doesn't always translate into doing.

      Like Dr. Ronn Elmore states: “You can inform the people you love of what you want for them but you cannot transform them into living it out.”

  25. This is beautiful. looks like something i could send to a certain somebody :) *not doing it though*

    1. Just let the person know you are there, without judgment, when the time comes and revelation prompts movements they will ask for your help, your hand perhaps your shoulder.

      as always Darling, have a blessed day.

    2. You have a point.. Have an awesome week. :)

    3. hmmmm, simply put, we all want the same thing, what is different is how we go about achieving attempting to achieve it.

    4. True,we all want the same thing but have different approach to achieving. Its always nice to have your view,u do well simplifying things..Thanks for the enlightenment.

    5. hmmmm, I am glad in some measure I was able to bring clarity. Sometimes in life, "we" get so caught up on how different we are, physically, philosophically, spiritually, ethnically and culturally that we lose sight or just plain don't see how much we are alike. When “we” focus so intently on our differences we fail to see each other's humanity.

      As always, it’s a blessing talking with you Darling.

  26. AMAZING!! "This relationship just hit its expiration" lol
    I love the way you wrote this....
    I really have been missing out...

    1. blessings my friend, thank you. its been a while, glad to know you are well. Congrats on your law degree and job.


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