Aug 18, 2012

62 You Say you love me?....KEEP IT!

You say you love me

Yet, with every breath you condemn me

Words fly out your mouth without doubt

“Baby I love you, come let me hold you”

“Your breasts are so small, get some implants for me”

Spewing words that threaten to dismantle me

Contaminate me

Deconstruct me

Annihilate me

Naively I could not see that YOU were the enemy

Until you declared your love for me

With a punctuated slap and a chokehold that stunned me

Couldn’t catch my breath

I was so perplexed

It get me vex

The anger riled in me

Looking for context

Muted in place

Mind racing to comprehend

Going through the who, what, why, where and when


Dizzy from the mental query


How could all this be happening to me?

What’s going on?

What went wrong?

Who is this man?


Who. He. Be?

Singing sweet words of loving eternity

Only to devour my spirit and suffocate the WILL in me

I didn’t expect a saint

Neither did I expect SATAN

Serving up “love” with a reprimand

I am worth more than the back of a man’s hand

I’ve had enough!

Once is all it takes

No need to be chained to this mistake

You say you love me?


I love me more!

I have a LIFE to LIVE,

Much LOVE to give,

Dreams to fulfill,

A world to explore,

Am walking out the door

Ah ah !


Not. A. Word…

SAVE… the declaration

This relationship just hit its expiration


Written by D.B.S. Rhapsody © All rights reserved

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