May 21, 2011

54 Your Transformation Is Your Responsibility

Kaleidoscope“You can inform the people you love of what you want for them but you cannot transform them into living it out.”Dr. Ronn Elmore

You can blame the world for not accomplishing your goals, dreams, wishes and desires and yes, you may actually have proof of incidents of deliberate sabotage, subterfuge, betrayals and lack of support from loved ones and friends. However, in the end, you are the one accountable for seeing things through, holding steadily to your dreams, accomplishing your goals, giving in to defeat, making excuses, holding out or letting fear take control of your potential and making it simply an hypothesis of what could have been, would have been, should have been, if only this was right or that was done as promised by he or she.

In life there are an infinite slew of excuses as to why we haven’t done what we could have done; should have done what we wanted to do and might have done had A, B, C or D  came through for you. The truth is even if all the explanations and causes that hindered your progress, prohibiting you from succeeding were true, as long as you breathe there still exists the opportunity to succeed. You simply have to decide whether or not you want it bad enough and if you are worthy of the effort.

The simple truth is  your transformation is your responsibility.

Art Credit: pbKaleidoscope script by utak3/#Apophysis

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