Jul 11, 2016

28 Heavenly Divine - My Prayer

 Heavenly Divine, grant me patience when I am at my wits end,
Wisdom to speak clearly without being offensive or defensive
So that my voice is heard,
My points understood,
To bear fruit and manifest gloriously.
Give me the courage to walk away
When every temptation to do battle is nipping at my heels,
Biting at my shoulders,
Crowding up my head,
Springing water in my mouth,
Sitting on my lips,
In my hips,
In my ears,
And in my fists.
Divine father as I sit here in my imperfectness.
Teach me the value of silence and the knowledge therein.
Teach me to walk in grace,
To be fearless yet wise in my countenance,
To rise when I feel like sinking,
To persevere in seeming hopelessness,
Guide my footsteps and set my course.
Raise the veil from my eyes, ears, heart, and mind
Granting me wisdom, knowledge, and understanding
So that I may see, hear, feel, articulate, know, smell, taste, sense
And comprehend all that will attempt to defeat my mind, body, heart, soul, and spirit.
DSB Rhapsody © 2007-2015
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