Mar 4, 2016


This is where I am in my being this day and where I am grounding myself this week. Every so often I do internal inventory. With that in mind I am re-sharing this post with two intentions, one: to remind myself of the importance of being still and two: to reshare with you and read your thoughts and strategies on being still.

I Believe I Can Fly by Frank Morrison
Learning to be still at times is like trying to catch water with a sift. It is challenging, pitting what you know against what you want. The practice endeavors one to think critically about action, cause and effect. It moulds and teaches self-discipline, self-monitoring and self-parenting. It is a practice that is demanding when one first instinct is to react instead of staying calm, to roar instead of being humble, to be obnoxious and malicious instead of benevolent and polite.
Learning to be still is valuable. It is in the process of achieving it is where one runs into trouble. It involves discipline and the daily practice of learning how to pick your battles “leave this”, “pick up that”. The Repetitive practice is essential to training oneself to … Speak when only it is necessary, answer only when called, think mindfully before expressing and walking away instead of surrendering to willful retaliation.
The art of being still demands much skill, some of which I am still learning.
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