About Me - A Reflection

Rhapsody Phoenix is in part a virtual extension of me. It is my authentic expressions on life experiences and observations both lived and shared on things I have learnt and that which makes me think. All of which is expressed diversely through poetry, stream of consciousness writings, mindfulness thinking, photographs and videos.

I love to read, laugh, communicate, write, take photos, use my hands artistically and share the lessons life has taught me--hence this blog. 

The lessons learnt and expressed are mine and of those who have honored me with permission to publish theirs in order to reveal the invisible lines of our universal connectedness. I share in an effort to close the gap of isolation we at times feel as we maneuver our way through life. 

Like in my life I try to keep my virtual world (blogging) real with authentic content. It is with this intention I deliberately I extend an open invitation to you to dialogue with me, participate, articulate, laugh and support without judgment so that we may learn from each other, grow and broaden the scope of our perspective as we live and love. 

I believe the exchanging of conversations, ideas, ethos, philosophies while sharing traditions and cultures is an infinite gift. A gift that allows us to see each other, recognize each other's humanity beyond our diversity, to see the world beyond our own contexts into another way of thinking, being and articulating the world.

We all are powerful. We all have something worthy to share, something of value to give, to lift each other up. We learn, we grow from each other’s experiences because, "We Are Not Alone." 

Blessings to you and yours,
Thank you for coming, you have a standing invitation, YOU ARE always welcome 
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