Mar 10, 2020


Every time I think I've seen
everything life proves me wrong. A little delirious from hunger I opt to run to the grocery store less than a kilometre away. A quick 4 min walk and I was there making my way to the cheese. I detoured by the loose bulk items to grab a bag. It is there I experienced the horror of poor hygiene practice on display. I was livid. There in front the shelled peanuts stood an elderly Asian woman elbow deep in the shelled peanuts. She was flipping the peanuts, both hands emerged pass her arms to her elbows. She was digging deep and bringing it forward mixing it. I said to her, "what are you doing. Why aren't you using a scope?" As I waited for her response I see some touched her dirty coat. She shoved them back in dusting the dust off back into the bin. I said again, "why are you not using the scoop. Use the scoop, not your hands. Your hands and cloths are dirty." 

"No scoop," she said and continued digging. I grabbed a scoop to the right of her and gave it to her and said,"Use this, this is what it is for, to scoop the amount you need or to mix before you take some. You don't just use your hand. This is why people get sick." She took it and as I walked away I heard the elderly Asian man ask her, "is there another scoop?. Furious I walk away and found management and reported her. 

Ah mean Damn! Some people are just fucking nasty. Think of the unsuspecting shopper who is blissfully ignorant of her dirty hijinks. They will purchase those shelled peanuts unaware that they can be unknowingly exposing their self to illnesses. For fucks sake! In the climate we're in now with the world pandemic of the coronavirus, seriously!

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Feb 12, 2020


The bus pulls into the subway station. Circling around the driver looks for an empty spot to park and let passengers off.

"Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me," can be heard as she moves her way urgently through passengers, her hands moving in and out in a swimming motion as she moved toward the front of the bus.

"Excuse me, excuse me!" She screeched louder people automatically parted with urgency of the shrieking cry. She reaches the front of the bus and had to wait like everyone else for the bus to stop. She garnered some incredulous looks. She breathes a deep sigh of relief and adjust her knapsack. 

I just shook my head and laugh at the waste of expended energy only to be forced to wait along with Those she was desperate to surpass. Going nowhere fast and on a hurry.

Feb 7, 2020

0 A sight that brings a smile

Early morning commute.

Some days it's enough that you're up and moving putting one foot in front of the other.
Pant over boot
Boot over pant
Who can decide?
It's too early for such radical decision making

Feb 2, 2020

0 Subway Observations

The Sarcasm is real

It is quite the norm to see people sleeping on the train, this couple is no exception.

Jan 14, 2020


Everyone do things different, have different attitudes about certain things. Yet knowing all of this does little censor ones thoughts.

On the bus I encountered an acquaintance I hadn't seen in a while, give or take a couple of years.
Interestingly enough she lives approximately 3.5 blocks for my house. In the past we saw each other often on our way to work, that's pretty much how we met and we'd often ride the train together.  I congratulated her on the obvious bump (twins) as she caught me up on her life. We transferred to the train and continued talking when a mother and her son (toddler) came in. I briefly halted our conversion to get up and offer her a seat for her and her son. She said "thank you" and encouraged the little one to say thank you. He was busy focusing on getting up on the seat and then turning his bum around (I smiled). Once seated he looked at me and grunted through his pacifier filled mouth. At some point through all his antics his pacifier fell out his mouth and landed between my feet. My friend noticed and told me to not move. I stood still and allowed the mother to retrieve it. The boy made a sound with his hands outstretched for it. I held my breath thinking, 'she can't give him that, too much nastiness and mud on the ground. Unbelievably she just gave it back to him. He promptly slammed it back in his month and began sucking on it. I looked at my friend face passively set, she looked back at me with the same passive facial expression. We both said nothing yet we both said everything. My mind was reeling. The train floor was dirty with boot marks and brown dirt droppings. I looked at my friend, she looked at me and we continued our conversation as if it we never witnessed the disgusting cringe worthy act.

As I made my way to the entrance of my job I noticed on my peripheral a man on one knee, his right hand was out stretched with a lit cigarette. He brought it to his lips and took a long slow drag as if in prayerful supplication. As he inhaled he bowed his head slightly and then raised it on the exhale. He repeated the motion three times. As I pressed and waited for the elevator I further observed him through the glass wall. His head was bent low and he took another drag in aching slow motion. He then raised his head, exhaled and braced both hands on the wall in front of him. He put out the rest of the cigarette and got up painfully. He wobbled a bit as he steadied himself with his ass in the air and two hands braced on the ground in front of him like a toddler.  He finally stood, straightened his back, threw his shoulder back and exhaled. 'Alright then, I thought as I boarded the elevator as it dinged open.

silhouettes used found on google.
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