Mar 11, 2018


Do not be so focused on what others have done wrong that you fail to take into account the things you've done wrong, the hurt you've inflicted, the wounds you've caused and the issues you've left unresolved. 

In other words: 
Don't give an account of others short comings and mistakes if you cannot take and give an account of your own. 

If you cannot do that then, DO NOT UTTER (say) a word, keep it to yourself.

"He who is without sin may cast the first Stone." 

It is wise to note:
We all have places we have fallen short remember that before speaking badly of others to those that will listen. 

Mar 9, 2018


Letting go when you've out grown a relationship can be challenging. 
We hold tight to the idea that all our relationships are meant to last forever. This belief is what causes us to cling physically, emotionally and psychologically to people who are no longer a part of our destiny. We allow notions of sentimentality, loyalty, fear of lonesomeness to stagnate our growth and strangle our excellence. I am here to tell you that letting go is not a​lways a​ bad thing. Is it frightening, hell yes. Can it bring forward some of your biggest doubts and fears? Ooh Lord, I am shaking my head affirmative wanting to shout yes! However my spirit, huh, my spirit challenges that automatic yes and forces me to admit that we are all different and what ​may be true for one person may not hold true for another. Thus I will say sometimes. Sometimes doubts and fears rears its head and we cling to that which is comfortable and sometimes we are ready to fly, to dive into the unknown, to experience what is next to come.
My grandmother always said that change is one of the only guarantee there is in life even though we are not always ready or willing to shift or adapt. To choose to stay in resistance can manifest the very things one might be trying to forestall, put off, avoid, stop. It may mean being left behind, suffering more unduly, isolation, exclusion, the complete dissemination of intimate relationships that could have evolution into friendships due to the unwillingness to LET GO and cleaving to tightly.

Its important to note that not all relations disintegrate completely and result into nothingness. Some relationships are able to transform into something different where the mutual respect remains proving that the end doesn't always have to mean, anger, resentment, bitterness, hate and disgust. 

My point to all this dribble drabble is this, "be open to change even when it seats you uncomfortably." Get out of your own way and don't block the blessing.


Feb 21, 2018


Commuting into the city everyday at times can be an exercise in patience and tolerance. Some days it's like climbing a steep mountain in wet flipflops with a 20 gallon jug of water on your head .

This morning my commute to work was akin to a steep mountain climb in wet flipflops and a 20 gallon jug of water. I had to breathe deeply with a prayer on a continuous loop in my brain as I employed my patience and rachet up my tolerance. While the first trek of my journey was fairly uneventful the second leg proved anything but. I put away my my lastest novel MAVERICK by Lora Leigh  and made my way to the streetcar platform.

The designated waiting area for the streetcar was packed. There were two very long lines with dozens of kids on a school trip. I watched the notification clock - 15 minutes. I sighed as the numbers slowly decreased. In front me, beside me, behind me people complained and mumbled their displeasure at the long wait. I breathe deeply and waited.

After 15 minutes the streetcar arrived. It was pandemonium. We were all packed in. I was to the very front with no wiggle room. It was noisy as the kids chirped away loudly. By the third stop an elderly causcasian woman got up and attempted to push her way pass me. I said, "I ma'am I am not able to move. When the driver stops at your stop and open the door we will make room for you to exit." "It is stopped now, move," she said. She is literally in my face. I pulled back slightly took a deep breath and repeated, "ma'am I am not able to move, as soon as the driver stops at your stop and opens the door we will make room for you to exit."  She looks at me and sneers, "you just think you own the world don't you." I looked at her and said, "stop it." She starts again and this time the driver tells her, "ma'am they cannot move, I will open the door the next stop and you will have room to get out." She looks at me and started to argue. I said while I pray for patience and tolerance, "stop it, stop this, we will make room for you to leave, just stop."

The streetcar arrives at her stop and people step off temporarily, I was able to move out of the way for her yet she began to argue again. The driver said to her, "enough, look everyone made room for you to pass, be joyful, stop this, have a blessed day." She did not even say thank you. I thought, 'sweet Lord give me strength and endurance to navigate peoples ignorance. The next stop was mine. I was glad to be off and be done with it at least for the next 8 hours.

Feb 16, 2018

6 Be Careful What You Teach Yourself

If you teach yourself
To fool yourself
Then eventually it will be hard for to believe in yourself
Be careful of the habits you cultivate.
D.S.B.S.Rhapsody©All rights reserved.

Jan 29, 2018


Even as I am privileged to capture the glory
of the sunset my camera still does not do
it justice. Sometimes I wish my camera could
see the sunset and all its complex beauty the way
my eyes do. Alas I capture in my mind what 
my camera cannot. I am thankful

Sunsets for me is renewal, a sign of hope.

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