Jun 22, 2018


Today I feel peace in my spirit. 
My only dilemma? 
Is figuring out how to multiply and sustain it 

Jun 10, 2018


Anthony Bourdain dead at 61. His death is confirmed as suicide.
Sadly, he hanged himself. He was found in the bathroom of the hotel where he stayed.
Blessings and prayers to his loved ones

Jun 5, 2018


Observation One:
She seats beside a stranger. He stands besides her hitting her left  shoulder periodically with his thigh. She looks up at him saying, "have a seat," turning her head slightly back to indicate the seat directly behind her. "Can't, a leg's in the way," he replies. She looks back to see. The young man in the seat behind her makes no effort to shift to accommodate another. He kept up a steady rhythm of tap tap tap tap his fingers flying over the keyboard he neither looks up or acknowledges. He sits scatter corner across two seats, his left leg propped casually. His pose saying, 'I do not really care, I don't want anybody to sit next to me.

Observation Two: 
She stands by the bus stop, positioning herself in front. The bus arrives. She pushes forth without regarding the passengers on board. Pleading from others to wait for the passengers exit falls on deaf ears as she holds her position leaning to the side as if the act of leaning is creating space. The bus driver sat observing. The passengers squeezing past her arguing at her obtuseness. She pushes her way through and sits with a loud sigh.

Observation Three: 
Stooped and clothed in winter hooded jacket pulled tight around his face he boards the first subway elevator going down, destination Eastbound. He gets off heading in front toward the next elevator, destination subway platform. He presses the button as the elevator sounds indicating that someone is coming up. The door opens and he pushes his way in before the 2 women inside could come out. "Can I leave?" says the younger woman. "Yeh yeh," he says without moving. The young woman navigating her way through looks at him. The other women more assertive says, "Wait! Wait! Wait till we get out, this is not slavery days buddy." He stops, moves himself slightly over creating more room for her to exit. Laughing at the situation, she and I made contact. She looks at me then she looks at him as if to ask, 'can you believe that?' Smiling and shaking my head I step in behind him.

Jun 3, 2018


Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.
Behold the beauty before thee.

May 30, 2018


I was committed for the day, 8 - 5:30. One of the first to arrive and not knowing what to expect I chose a table up front.

8:00 am ✤ Breakfast served:

I helped myself to breakfast - Salmon, eggs, pineapples & bagels and retook my seat. 3 other women joined my table. We introduced ourselves and they excused their selves to get breakfast.

During our breakfast the woman closest to me started up a conversation. She ask me a question. I turned to look at her, an act I regretted. Food liquid oozed from the sides of her mouth. She smiled and food clong to her teeth. She spoke and food flew out her mouth. I thought to myself 'eewww'. I kept my facial expression neutral so I don't give away my disgust. 

1:00 pm ✤ Lunch served:

Quinoa salad with cranberry, pasta salad, roast beef , coleslaw+. I quickly learned to smile and nod without direct eye contact to the woman directly to my right as she ate steadily throughout the day. I thought I had it mastered until the woman right of her asked me a question. I looked toward her and paused. I had to schooled my features as she worked her bottom dentures in and out of her mouth. I silently thought, 'Jesus Murphy help me.' I grimace smile with teeth and nodded my head affirmatively.

Toward the end ✤ Indirect stare
The day was enjoyable. I didn't change tables because it would have been too ackward. I had no intention of being deliberately rude instead I adjusted. I used an indirect stare and angled my body toward them during conversations. Eye to eye contact was made intermittently when they were not eating. I didn't escape entirely though as the woman played with her dentures periodically throughout our communication.
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