Jan 20, 2019


'It is impolite to stare, stop staring, don't stare.' I repeated scoldingly to myself as I tried feverantly not to stare.

I walked to the bus stop and stopped in surprise shock as I tried not to stare at a gentleman wearing the most dilapidated winter jacket I have ever seen. I couldn't comprehend the thought process behind the man's choice. Then I scolded myself for judging because the reality is I don't know his story. My eyes kept straying to the jacket. It was ripped everyhere. I though perhaps he's transient or perhaps suffering from mental health issues however those thoughts were quickly dismissed when I over heard bits of his conversation with another man.

'Stop staring, stop staring I scolded myself.' 

In order to not be rude I walked out of the bus shelter then unobtrusively took a picture of the jacket to share with my eldest daughter who's always dogging me about wearing my old jacket. 

The bus arrived and we all boarded. At the next stop a woman I always say hi to came on. We said morning to each other and sat opposite each other. She looked to her right and spotted the man with the ripped up jack and waved him over in a familiar hello. He greeted her and she stared in shock at his jacket as he sat next to her. Then she said, "why you wearing that nasty tear up jacket?" He said something to her which I didn't heat but she responded with, "yeah but still you shouldn't be walking the road with a jacket looking like that!" He immediately put both his hands over the jacket pockets to hide it's defacing. I gave a shock laugh at her bold statement to him. She gave me this incredulous look that said, "can you he came outside with that jacket on?" The man kept his hands over the jacket inshame the whole ride.

At the subway my casual hello friend said to me. " I can't believe he would wear that ripped up jacket saying he was going to do dirty work and that justified him walking the street looking like that."

Jan 14, 2019


Some conversation leaves you in wonderment. 

On the train I overheard the tail end of a conversation that left me saying what and quickly moving along because I just didn't want to hear anymore. 

"I have a twin sister. She is a girl. She is the same age as me."

Huh? What? What? What? I questioned incredulously. That just don't make no damn sense!

Jan 4, 2019

3 No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper

I look at life as glass half full. I navigate through the trials and triumphs with this philosophy. I make every effort to learn from my mistakes and the observations life manifests. Every so often though you see some things, learn some things, experience some things that shakes your equilibrium. It is exactly in those times when your spirit is tested that it is most apparent to hold firm and reaffirm prayer. To cleave tight to faith, to get over, to get around, to get through, to stay triumphant.  
"No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD."--Isaiah 54-17

Dec 20, 2018


Lord have mercy.
I had my first mammogram.
Oh Jesus of Nazareth, there has to be a better way. Though the woman tried to be "gentle". I say "gentle" is wide open to interpretation. She held my breast like a slab of beef and plopped it down, then she proceeded to pull, shove, stuff and press the holy hell out of my breast. 

Why do women have to suffer for health? By the time I was finished my mammogram I felt like I was lifting weights in the gym for 2 hours. My chest hurt. My underarms ache. I was just wiped out. The experience was just traumatic.

Photo Credit: Breast image found online on Google.
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