May 21, 2018


This year my birthday celebration lasted one week. Each moment was was special each together making one fricking fantastic week of acknowledgment, honoring and celebrating.

May 10th: Surprise breakfast ◇ Chocolate almond croissant with strawberry, black berries & cheese.

May 11th: Phone calls from family singing me happy birthday.

MAY 11th: A movie (Black Panther) night with my eldest daughter which turned into a dinner when my sister met us after. My food was not the greatest. I didn't care because the company was fantastic.

May 12th: A birthday/mother's day lunch with a sister/friend then at home a small celebration with my said sister/friend, her sons, my God sons the youngest of whom felt no birthday was complete without cake. I had a large cookies and cream ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. Yum, it was fabulous and lasted a week.

May 14th: Happy birthday song message from my gorgeous,a cousin stationed in Germany. Yes she's military, love her to life!

May 15th: Dinner at the 360 restaurant 1,150 feet up in the CN Tower with a friend. Her gift to me because she said I am  her greatest supporter (receprocity is a beautifuly experience). See CN Tower photos below.

May 18th: Dinner with my youngest daughter, Korean Cuisine. It was great and the company even better!

It was a spectacular birthday.

VIEW CN TOWER/SKYPOD 447m (1,465ft)

May 14, 2018


Some days you wish you could un-see things. Today is such a day for me. The pleasures of navigating public transit is unparalleled.

First leg of my commute:
I sat on the bus on my way to the subway already feeling a slight annoyance as the driver is late. At  the last stop before the subway the driver picked up a few passengers. I had the disturbing pleasure of coming up close and personal with a hairy belly as a man pushed his way back and his hairy belly dragged on my bag that I had poised in front of me. Thank God for small mercies. I usually put my bag beside me this morning something said, keep it in front of you. As I finished giving thanks for having escaped the man's hairy belly from brushing up against me I was grace with the sight of a man's hairy sweaty ass as he bent over to retrieve a fallen item. I thought, 'really, I didn't need to see that!' Only to experience the horror again when his son dropped something and he again bent over to retrieve it. The only slight reprieve was that I was able to partially avert my eyes.

Second leg on my journey: 
I boarded the semi-packed trained. I made my way down the opposite side of the train hoping to find a seat. I joyfully spotted one but that Joy was short lived as I saw a Caucasian male, early to mid 50s finger combing his long (mid-chest) greasy looking grey and black hair. As he finger combed his hair he deposited the loose strands on the floor in front and beside him. At one point I saw him directly deposit some on the seat I intended to sit as it clung to his fingers, needless to say, I moved on.

May 8, 2018


Every so often some of my colleagues and I share stories of adventures we've had in our lives. This day was no exception when one of my colleague (I'll call her Lady V.) shared a funny though somewhat traumatic experience she had while walking in the rain.
Lady V is a runner, if she could run somewhere rather than pay she'd run. It all benefits her stamina, endurance, her building and conditioning.  Last week Thursday it rained all day, by the end of the work day it was still pouring out. Lady V decided to walk the 2.2 kilometers to Yonge Street where she planned to shop at Winners department store.
Lady V was enjoying her brisk walk through the rain that ebb and flow in varying torrents. She thought nothing of the wettest she felt periodically thinking, 'oh, it's just water' as she trotted along to her destination. Soon she arrived at Winners and proceeded to browse through the store for half an hour picking up her items. She arrived at the cashier to pay when she made a horrendous discovery. She stretched one hand out to place her items on the desk and stared in horror as she saw her arm, from shoulder to wrists were leaden with bird shit. She stared in mouth open bewilderment at the cashier who stared back at her in question. Still in shock she reached with her other hand to retrieve her purse only to find it too was full with bird shit. Again she stared bewilderingly at her purse then at the cashier who in his grace kept a straight face. Speechless and embarrassed she cleaned off the poop and paid for her items. Purchases in hand she found that the male cashier was still starring at her this time at her hair. She realized then that there must be more bird shit on her. She looked him in the eye and said mortified, "don't tell me." He kept a serious face and replied, "ok."
Lady V said she hurried home sure now there would be more bird shit on her but too afraid to look because she had no real means of cleaning it off adequately. Once home she dropped her bags rush straight to the bathroom only the stared in dismayed revulsion. She was covered in bird shit, her hair was plastered with shit, her knapsack, her back which was a mystery to her. As she stepped fully clothed into the shower she kept mentally retracing her walk trying to figure out where along the path she could have picked up all the bird shit. According to her it was like someone just dashed a bucket full of bird shit on her.  I was laughing with a horrified grimace on my face and saying eewwwww. She made me laugh even harder when she said, "imagine, I was walking around in the store for half an hour and no one said anything to me."
I said, "well it is warmer now and it is not a strange thing to see someone looking less than desirable walking about."
I smiled at her and said, "you give new meaning to the saying, You're full of shit."
She just laughed


May 1, 2018


Tim Hortons cheated me out of $4.80. Now I know to some $4.80 may not seem like much but trust it can go a long way (4 litre bag of milk, or 2 loafs of bread. or 5 cans of tuna or bottle of aspirin etc.).

The Current rate exchange for US money is $1.29.  That's $1.29 US equal to $1 Canada dollar ($20 US hence = 25.80 Canada dollar) thus my $20 dollars is actual $25.80.

Time Horton exchange $1.05 per Canada dollar (20 US = $21.00 Canada dollar)
None of this was communicated until upon checking my change I realized I got the capitalist shaft.
Tim Horton order:          Chicken Salad Combo      $6.99
                                          Chicken salad Sandwich  $4.69
                                                                        Tax         $1.56
                                                                        Total      $13.54
My Bill $20.00 (US)/worth $25.80             $25.80 (CDN)
Change I should have gotten:                    $12.26 (CDN)
The change I actually got                            $7.46   (CDN)
Tim Horton's value of US 20 ($21.00 Canada Dollars)
Tim Horton’s profit                                     $18.38 ($4.80 Stolen from me)

Talk about sucking it to the "Man". That’s Capitalism for yah! Never again will I spend my US dollars at tim hortons.  

 The cashier just kept apologizing when I ask when is the rate almost dollar for dollar when the US dollar is worth more than the Canadian dollar. Her response was, "I'm sorry. She made no attempt to rectify the matter since it was program into the cash and no manager was onsite.

I guess 
Lesson of the day, "never let hunger decide how you spend and where you spend."
You are your best investment, transform into your best self with emotional integrity & excellence as your inspiration. Remember: “You can inform the people you love of what you want for them but you cannot transform them into living it out.”–-Dr. Ronn Elmore

Apr 29, 2018


"Bad company corrups good character" ---Pastor John Gray
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