Nov 27, 2016

4 Beauty Exist Everywhere

All photographs taken by me D.S.B.S.Rhapsody

Nov 18, 2016


The Thinker by Frank MorrisonI took a personal day off work to take care of some things. Later in the evening I met my God sons’ mother at their school for parent teacher meetings. After the parent teacher meetings we parted ways. I took the youngest “Chipmunk” (nickname due to his habit of packing food in the sides of his cheeks for hours) with me and his mom took the oldest “Manman” (nickname because he behaved as if he were a man as an infant) to soccer. 
Chipmunk and I walked to the drugstore – Shoppers Drug Mart. While we were in the checkout isle at Shoppers I heard him saying something. I bent down to his level and asked, “yes Chipmunk, what did you say?” “I was to go pee.” I thought ‘oh boy’ wondering where we would go when the male cashier offer their bathroom. I thanked him and politely declined as we were overheating and I thought he’s little we could make a quick spurt. As we made our way pass Shoppers we were passing a Tanning Salon and I thought, let me ask in here. I opened the door to the Tanning Salon and asked, “excuse me, then mouthed, my little one needs to pee, can we use your washroom.” The wonderful young woman was gracious and allowance us the opportunity. The place was supremely clean and smelled good. We went into the washroom and I helped him with his pants and put him on the seat. Then I heard him saying something but only caught …leave?
I said, “pardon me, did you say something?”
“Yes” he said
“What did you say?”
“Can you please leave” he said
Astounded I asked smiling to myself, “You want me to go outside?”
“Yes please” he answered confidently
“Ok, I murmured and then asked, “You want me to wait outside the door?”
“Yes please,” he said
“You will call me when you are finished?”
“Yes” he again answered confidently. I left. Laughing to myself I thought wow, alright then my boy is getting big and already asserting his need for privacy. 
Wanting to share my experience I smiled at the young women chatting in the salon and shared what just happened. They laughed and thought it was cute. A few minutes later I heard, “Ma Neisse, am done.” I quickly returned and did my God motherly duty. We left and the whole way to his home I am smiling. I met my daughter there and shared my experience and she laughed relaying that she had the same experience with him and he told her, “He needed his privacy” I just about fell over laughing.

Art : The Thinker by Frank Morrison

Nov 1, 2016


What I have noticed about my aging journey …

20161104_110427[1]The week feels longer

The weekend feels shorter

My bullshit tolerance is zero

My patience though I know its virtuous is short

I know the value of my time and am meticulous with whom I share it with

I prefer to be liked however I am ok with not being liked or favored by others if it means I must compromise to my integrity.

I don’t give a rats ass what people think or say about me, frankly its not my business. If they have an issue with me, it is their issue and I have no intention of making it mind.

I love the company of others though I love my own company more

The sound of nothing brings forth many things.

Movement and agility is grace

Every breath is precious and priceless

Bodily functions are a blessing

I am in control of my mouth and though I can be provoked if i choose to act or speak inappropriately it is a choice not an excuse

I have let go of my expectation of others

I respect people’s right to govern their lives even if their choices are not the best. The truth is it is theirs to make, so live and let live.

I don’t need anyone’s validation to be my authentic self

I accept that some people won’t like me, stand up for me, support me or speak to the truth of what they see if it means putting their neck on the chopping block.

I realize that pretending is some people’s way of living and lies is a function of their normal.

It is wise not to judge because your view on things 9 out of 10 times is limited and one dimensional.

True acceptance starts with the self and unconditional love is a gift you give yourself, for yourself, for your sake, happiness, peace of mind and a gift you grant others as an acknowledgement of acceptance.

Forgiveness. I forgive in order to freely unbound myself and release the burdens of oppressions stopping the flow of blessings and hindering me from embracing my excellence.

Written by me, D.S.B.S. Rhapsody aka Rhapsody Phoenix. These are my words, my take on lessons of being © all rights reserved.


Oct 22, 2016


Like the trees we must learn to be transformative and transform ourselves in order to navigate different/challenging situations. Life at times will requires us to shift and access diverse aspects of our selves/personalities in order to appropriately deal with what is to come. Every living thing is life does it. Below the trees are showing off their colors preparing, eventually shedding their leaves before leaving for the winter season.

Oct 16, 2016

10 Sunset

sunday sunset

Have a blessed week | At the end of each day find something to be thankful for.

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