Sep 16, 2019


I Can't Unhear that:

As a commuter I am subjected to a great many things, some I wish I can unsee and unhear. Today was one I wish I could unhear.

I sat at the midback of the streetcar. It manuevered its way out of the subway when a car went flying by racing to beat him so they're be no wait time.  The driver Caucasian 63 made a sound in the back of his throat. A 65 year old Afro-Caribbean man in a black and white striped shirt made a loud observation to the driver. 

"These young people now-a-days don't want to wait, they always in a hurry." 

The driver responded, "yeah, it's kinda crazy, it's the reason I stopped. I am use to them flying across to get ahead of me."

"I know what you mean, everyday I ride my bicycle and every day I am almost hit by someone. Twice they knocked me off my bike. I was so mad!"

"Wow said the driver, you have to be real careful. It's all this computer stuff, cellphones and the like, too distracted."

"I am 65. I am glad I am retired and don't have to worry about all that comupter stuff. Even police different now. I remember a buddy of mind one time got so drunk he could barely stand. He was going to drive home. The police man knew him by name and told him, nah, I go drive you home. You know he took his keys and drove him home! He didn't even give him a ticket. Now a days police eh like day at all.

"I am 63, I have two years to go," replied the driver.

"Ah, that's not to long, you'll be done before you know it," answered the Afro-Caribbean man.

The conversation ended and the Afro-Caribbean man's phone rang. He answered in stereo...

"Hello! meh phone nah work so good. Ah eh know what happen to it. It sometimish, sometimes it work and sometimes it doh work.... Ah wasn't home. Ah went to meh family and spend ah little money. Ah had fun. Ah cah pee for two days now. Ah on meh way to dee doctor now. Meh nah know wah gwan. 

Eh?... Ah have some. Ah doh have all. Ah tell yuh ah spend some of dee money. Ah know dat! You think ah doh know day! Ah have some ah go get dee rest. You think ah want to hear you telling me this all dee time. You think ah want to hear you day everyday inner meh ear. Let meh take care of this pee situation and ah go call yuh. Ah cah pee fuh two days. Two days meh ah tell yuh! I gotta  find out wah gwan."

He gets up, pauses in his conversation to say to the driver, "this here is my stop. Thanks"

He steps out the phone still to his hear as he bellows, ah cah pee! Yuh nah hear wah meh ah say, two days now ah eh piss!"

I said to myself as the streetcar driver off ' me from these conversations where people forget they're in public and talking their business for the world to overhear.'

Sep 14, 2019


It is said that "an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure" what say you?

Facts about prep:

Sep 11, 2019


Some days you just wish you can unsee some things.

Philopino, late forties early fifties with a page boy style hair cut she trotted up to the elevator and stopped as she fiddled with a piece of paper. My colleague and I chatted about this and that while we to waited. As the elevator pinged it's arrival I looked up and nearly choked. She stood there playing with her false teeth (dentures) flipping it in and out of her mouth. I thought, 'damn, I!' 

I quickly composed my face into a neutral mask and boarded the elevator. During the ride down to the subway I heard little slurping noises as she sucked her saliva back in her mouth. I inwardly cringed. Blessedly the elevator stopped. I rushed out thankful for escape of the soup soup slurping sound.

Somethings you just can't unsee

Sep 5, 2019


Graphis found on:
The train door opened at Bathurst Station and everyone bails out. To the side of the doors stood passengers ready to board.

As the last passenger - male Caucasian, mid to late forties readied to board he step back and held the door for a woman to proceed him. Just as she entered the doors quickly closed on him. He had his right on the door so it was slight ajar. He tried prying the doors open further so he could enter but he couldn't. No one on the inside helped. He let go as disappointment marked his features and his body sagged. He looked dejected.

Chivalry bowed his head and left him feeling disappointed.

Aug 31, 2019


Abuse doesn’t just affect the people directly involved. When someone you love and care about is being abused, it can leave you feeling angry, scared, and helpless. Victims of abuse often need the help and the support of others to break the cycle of violence. But it’s more complicated than just telling them to leave. Here are 5 ways to support someone experiencing abuse.

1. Talk
Let your friend know that you are concerned for their safety and well-being. Remember, there are many different types of abuse and a lot of people may not recognize that they are in an abusive relationship, especially if physical violence is absent.  Remember to be gentle. Don’t force the issue—someone experiencing abuse can still feel a lot of love towards their abuser. Make sure that your loved one knows that they can talk to you and that you are there to support them, no matter what. If you are judgemental or take a “tough love” approach, this can feel like more abuse and control for a victim, causing them to seek comfort with their abuser. Be a safe place for your loved one.

2. Reassure
Tell your loved one that you believe them and stress that it is not their fault. Nobody deserves to be abused or to be made to feel unsafe in their own home. Many people experiencing abuse don’t feel ready to physically leave the relationship and cut off ties with their abuser. In fact, violence can escalate when the victim tries to leave the abuser. Be sure to emphasize that your friend’s safety and that of any children or pets involved is most important. Remind your friend not to confront the abusive partner but instead to safely plan an exit strategy. If your friend is not ready to leave, reinforce that that’s okay and that you are still here and do not judge their decision.

3. Be there
There are so many ways you can be there for someone who is experiencing abuse. You can offer a safe place to stay. You can offer child care while your friend accesses other resources, like a social worker or medical professional. You can store some of your friend’s belongings, in case they need to get out of their house with short notice. These items could include photocopies of passports, citizenship papers, driver’s license, banking information. It could also include a change of clothes and some cash for emergencies.

4. Give information
Remember, knowledge is power. This could include telling your friend experiencing abuse about resources available like Interval House, or the Assaulted Women’s Helpline. It’s also important to reinforce security measures when researching resources, to ensure the abusive partner doesn’t catch wise by checking internet browser history or your friend’s phone. Suggest that your friend access information on public computers or use an incognito window that won’t save browsing history.

5. Make an emergency plan
Be honest with your loved one that abuse can escalate, and it can escalate fast. You can agree on a code word or code message that can be texted to you to indicate your friend needs you to get help. Stress that if your friend is in immediate danger they should call 911. It may feel like an overreaction, but better safe than sorry! It’s always an option to call emergency services and leave the phone off the hook to discreetly alert the police without an abuser knowing. Maybe your friend doesn’t want to phone the police because their partner has a criminal history—remember they may still care about their partner and want to protect them. It’s good to remember at times like these that you can always call the Assaulted Women’s Helpline or Interval House crisis line.

Helping someone in an abusive relationship can be emotionally, mentally, and physically draining. Don’t be afraid to reach out for your own support and take care of yourself in the process. And no matter how badly you want to help your friend or family member, your safety should be kept a priority. Don’t get in the middle of an assault and in an emergency call 911.

Interval House 24/7 Crisis Line: 1-888-293-5516
Assaulted Women’s Helpline: 1-866-863-7868
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