Jul 24, 2021


It is wise to understand the priority position you occupy in the lives of the people around you and with whom you regularly communicate and interact. The knowledge will help you in managing your expectations and accepting the quality of the relationship. 

The realty is sometimes we position people high on our priority list who may have us lowly positioned on theres or we may not even make their list.  

Understanding where you're located on someone's priority list does not determine your value as a human being. It does however teaches you how much of you to invest. 

A simple truth. People make time for what and who they feel is important. They do not make excuses, they make the time.

Every relationship carries with it an investment of time, physical presence, emotion and energy, all of which has value. Not everyone is worthy of that investment thus, there is wisdom in knowing. 

Fact: You cannot make someone care for you or about you. You cannot force someone to prioritize you in their life. You cannot force someone to make time for you or spend time with you. Their unwillingness to prioritize you, has nothing to do with you or your worth. In fact their active demonstration of none reciprocation of caring, lack of prioritizing is a good thing even though it feels shitty. 

Why is their lack of  prioritization a good thing? It is a good thing because it teaches you the importance of not investing in others who is not willing to be equally invested in you. 

Moral of the story:

Know your worth, and understand the significance of the value of your time and energy, and all that you have to consistently offer.

D.S.B.S Rhapsody Phoenix

Jun 22, 2021


One person can mean many things to many different people. 

Your hero can be someone's villian

Your savoir someone's  oppressor

Your supporter someone's antagonist

Your protector someone adversary

Your lover someone's rapist

Your daddy someone's child molester

Your mama someone's abuser

The same person can represent different things to many people

If you were exposed to the good, glory be. Do not however, assume your experience onto others. Do not debate. Do not be so righteous in your defense, that you negate, invalidate, wound, and dismiss another's experience of that person. Offer empathy. If empathy is not a hill you can climb. Offer silence.

If you cannot be of help, do not be of hindrance.

Human beings are complex and multifaceted, capable of a great many things, some of them amazingly magnificent and some quite unimaginably depraved.

Written by D.S.B.S. Rhapsodyphoenix

May 12, 2021


This year Spring is slow coming and slow letting go of the cool temperatures. I still have my heat on. It makes for bigger bill but so be it. I cannot compromise my health to save a few dollarsπŸ’°πŸ’°.

In the mean time while I wait the warming of the temperature 🌑️ I am enjoying the sunsets.

Mar 31, 2021


Food & Water time 

Plants - this plant was a office gift from a colleague I worked with in 2018 (who is now a friend). She loves plants and thought I needed one. One afternoon she came back from lunch and little walk and presented me with this small beautiful plant. I cherished it for two reasons, one the wonderful unexpected-ness of the gift for no other reason than the simple act of giving. Two, it made me realise that she listened when we talked about plants and I shared the only ones that bloom best with me.

At the height of Covid-19 when we began working from home. I had left it at the office, not realizing how long the remote work would last. The good part was that I used a 2litre bottle of water upside down in the soil that watered it for 3 week stretches. The plant sipped when it was thirsty and stayed in great health. 

One day someone from the office called to say she refilled my bottle of water and put it back in my plant as the soil was dry. I thought, oh no 😱😲😯. I had forgotten. I said thank you and made arrangements to pick it up since I had to also get a work computer. 

I brought my plant home, I apologized for leaving it alone so long and asked him where he'd like to be placed in his new home (yeah I know you'll think that's bizarre and yes I have genderize my plant 🀭). He said he'd like to be in the kitchen on the window sill, so, I placed him there and he has and continues to bloom masterfully. I have never seen leaves πŸƒ bloom so large on plants like this. The conclusion, he is ecstatically pleased with his new home.

The little acts of kindness matter. Thank you @jgregg07
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