Nov 9, 2019

Nov 5, 2019


I am always meticulous about not standing under electrical wires. I make it a habit to look up to ensure no pigeons are poised on the wires overhead. Today however all that meticulousness did NOT serve me. I had just re-positioned myself when an inner voice said move. I moved immediately however not fast enough as I still managed to get a bit of shit on my sling purse that house my cellphone and a slight bit on my jacket. Seriously? The silver lining I suppose is that I did not get shit in my hair or on my face when I looked up. Who can guard against flying shit?

Much like life, you can't prepare for everything and even when you assumed you have it all covered the unexpected happens. The point? Be flexible and willing to deal with the unexpected.

The moral of this story is, shit is going to happen regardless, so just live your life and navigate the unexpected as best you can.

Written by D.S.B.S.Rhapsody

Oct 16, 2019


Bold. Mean. Entitled and racist are a few descriptives I'd use to describe his behavior. All for a chocolate bar.

Caucasian perhaps late mid to 40s with a noticeable limp in a multi-colored pullover hoodie shirt with a inside red t-shirt, black hat, jeans and red and black Nike sneakers. 

He walked with a cane around the concession stand checking out the chocolate bars.  He pursued the stand slyly and covertly (he thought) picked up a chocolate bar and slipped it into his right pocket. The women - south-Asian staff saw him acquire (isn't just a nice word for stealing) the chocolate bar without purchasing it. They both shouted, "you have to pay for it or put it back, I will call the police."

He walked around boldly cussing them distracting them as he waved his cane. "Call the police I don't give a fuck. I didn't take anything, he lied as he quickly limped away.  "Why don't you go back to your country and swing on some trees," he said scornfully.

A young man hearing the thief's verbal tirade responded, "O shut up and go away." The exchange escalated to the thief challenging him to go outside. "Fuck you, why don't you meet me downstairs. I will fuck you up. You think I am afraid of you." 

Wow I thought, how bold and belligerently entitled. He stole the chocolate bar and strategically used ignorant racist words as defense and an offense to distract from his thievery, all for a chocolate bar.

This behavior is what the old folks deem, "wrong and strong."

written by DSBS Rhapsodyphoenix

Sep 23, 2019


I passed him at 9:45 am on my way to work. He sat in the bus shelter, a large garbage bag to his left. He body odor spoke loudly giving way to the fact that he is a transient person. He was a hefty older Caucasian gentleman, possibly mid sixties with a pronounced stomach that hanged low with a shaggy grey brown beard.  He spoke to himself softly and his head dropped every so often in a nod as if he fought sleep.

At 5:50 pm after work I passed the bus shelter and saw from my peripheral that he was still stationed in the bus shelter. As I passed I heard him say, "Spear some change for something to eat?" Its been over 8 hours I know he must have been hungry.

I didn't have any money as I had spent it earlier at the grocery store to purchase a loaf of Bavarian Multigrain bread (flaxseed, sour dough Rye, barley, malted/cracked wheat) a block of white cheddar and a some package of beef salami. I figured instead of buying food for $10+ I could spend the same money and have sandwiches for a couple of days. I was taking the rest (bread & cheese) home with the intent of making sandwiches for work.

I turned and walked the few steps back to the bus shelter where he sat and said, "I don't have any money but I have some bread and cheese would you like to have it?"

"Cheese, yeah can I have the cheese," he said.

"You don't want the bread as well?" I asked as I pulled out the bread and the cheese from my little recycled lilac wave pattern bag to show him.

"Oh, wow, good bread and oh quality cheese," he whispered not intending for me to hear. Then he replied loudly. "Yes please I will take the bread and piece of the cheese."

"You can have it all," his eyes opened wide and he said "wow" softly. I  gave them to him and left.

As i walked away I heard him say, "wow, that's a lot of cheese, yeah."

I thought as I made my way to the bus stop for my destination. 'In a world where so much food is wasted people should never go hungry.'
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