Aug 14, 2011


Daily gratitude journal
Often when we are caught up in life's challenges we are so enraptured in the journey that we forget to pause and say thank you. We begin to take the things and people in our lives for granted and we fail to introduce grace into our lives.

It is the spirit of creating a space for "Grace" in my life that I open  this his Gratitude Journal, to remind myself to always be grateful to remain humble and say THANK YOU. I invite you to journey along with me daily in thankfulness.

  • What am I most thankful for today, in this moment, right here, right now, what am I most thankful for?


  • Find at least ONE thing, just one thing, no matter how small in which you are thankful for and acknowledge the reason for that thankfulness.
Think It
Feel It
Believe It
Say It
Say It Out Loud
Speak It Softly
Sing It
Sign It
Pray It
Praise It
Write It
Rap It
Share It
Acknowledge It
and most of all,
Pass it on
Inspire someone

My Grandmother "bless her soul" seemed always thankful no matter how disappointing, challenging, murky, or depressing her day. It was one of her more admirable qualities even in her imperfectness. In my humble way I to am trying to implement daily that same philosophy , my everyday living, thinking and being so that I am never discouraged.

I have found that even in my resistance that there is always something to be grateful for everyday; even in the worst day there is a blessing, though at times we are hard pressed to see it.
I find it a nourishing exercise to proactively cultivate the art of teaching myself to see beyond the despair of any given situation no matter how challenging to me in order to realize grace and the infinite possibilities of where the lesson(s) will take me, if I allow it.
To be triumphant is to understand that  the Divine is very thorough and does not miss a beat. So be open to the blessing and you will receive it. Teach yourself to see the gift in every moment; it will be the fuel that keeps your heart light, you soul buoyant and your spirit going.

Mindfulness Thought...
Know that you are not your story and that your story is simply part of the landscape of your experiences.
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