Apr 18, 2018


In all my days I would not of thought I'd live to experience a beggar putting me in my place. 

I left work at 6:30. At 6:37. I stopped at a short street to ensure no cars were turning. As I waited I observed a slender Caucasian man late 40s early 50s. He had long cut with bruising from the corner of his left eye ran the length of his nose. At the top of his nose the flesh was thorn off. It looked brutally red and raw. He was talking to a Caucasian couple. Their body language was rigid and conveyed a vexness. The woman held a massive hot dog in her hand her mouth opened wide as she bent over  readied to take a bite when the man said something. She paused mid bite and looked at her companion who gleared at the man. As I cross the street and neared the couple I heard him begging for money his eyes fixed on the hot dog. Though I didn't hear their response the answer was obvious when he turned to me as I passed and ask. 
" Can you give me a dollar so I can get something to eat?

I answered, "I don't have a dollar but I have a banana in my bag. You want the banana?"

The man looked at me as if I suddenly sprouted 3 heads. His face scrunched in utter disgust as he looked at me in scorn and said. "I don't think a banana will full me." 

I looked at him and said, "ok" and kept walking. He followed behind indignant and ask vexed. "Is that how you eat, a banana."

Not missing a beat I looked at him and said, "yep, I eat what I have." He shut up and walked ahead. As he neared the hot dog stand I heard him say to that hot dog stand owner. " Hey man, can you give me something to eat."  

I didn't stop to listen. I kept on my way shaking my head at his bold ass. Even as a beggar he behaved entitled. Had he been wise he would have taken the banana and added it to his eventual meal. He was royally pissed I offered him a banana and ready to pick a fight with me.


  1. As the old folks used to say when I was growing up..."SOME PEOPLE"...have a whole lot of nerves. I guess this is where the OLD saying comes from...beggars can't be choicy. But, this one sure was. Good for you, he should have taken the banana,

    1. Girl he was all kinds of put out because i dare to offer him a banana. More for me I say. I had the banana on the train on my way home. Hit the spot till i could get home.

  2. Well you can't please everyone.


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