Apr 13, 2018


I have discovered through my lived experiences that it is the small victories that help you get through the challenges of being/existing. They help you traverse the muck that inevitable comes with living life. It is the oil that fuels the hope and propels you into keeping the faith. Thus it is wise to stockpile your victories from the ones smaller than mustard seed that may seem insignificant to others to the bulbous.


The challenge is more that living…….
It is about giving it meaning, 
It is about ascribing value and knowing that no matter where you stand globally you are an important part of the whole.

Flights of fancy…..

Sometimes I give into flights of fancy, to the Utopian thoughts of traipsing through life experiencing no hurts, no sorrows, no rejection, calculatingly deliberate humiliation or shame. Of not having to navigate people’s biases and oppressive ideas and ideals of who they think I am and who they think I should be. Of being accepted in all my imperfectness and not have to filter through obscured maelstroms of backhanded toxic compliments.


Can you imagine a world where you are not burdened continuously defending yourself, your character, your integrity for no other reason than the color of your skin?

Can you imagine what it would be like to be seen, seen not as a thing, not as a color rather as a human being and not designated “Other” and still not have that “Otherness” questioned for authenticity?

Can you imagine to not having to explain why you bleed but that you bleed, why you hurt but that you hurt, why you breathe but that you breathe, why you have to march to let others know that your Life matter, why you reject the emotional and psychological entangled affliction of racist PTSD?

See why it’s important to stockpile little victories?


  1. This is a powerful post, Rap. It's one of those that makes you stop and think! I must admit, I do take flights of fan(tasy) from time to time. It's a nice getaway...for a minute or two.


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