May 3, 2016


Sometimes the biggest struggle we have in life is not just getting through, getting up or getting over, it is in forgiving ourselves our humanness. So often we hold on tight to our mistakes, poor decisions, and inappropriate behaviour unable to forgive ourselves. Our failure, unwillingness or inability to forgive ourselves our transgressions keeps us rooted in the past making our feet laden simultaneously disabling our ability to move up, move on, move forward and rise into excellence through forgiveness and grace.

We must be mindful that learning to forgive ourselves our humanness does that make us less accountable, it makes us responsible for what comes out of our mouth, our actions, our lives, our happiness, our growth and grace. Nirvana cannot be attained without the acceptance of self.

Accept yourself for who you are in each moment and allow yourself the space to learn, rise and grow from the journey of living.

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