Apr 28, 2016

18 “Don’t bite the hand that feeds” - Perception can be deception

I often hear people use this statement "don't bite the hand that feeds" to sum up another’s seemingly ungrateful, disrespectful and overall bad attitude toward another who is the provider, the giver, the “saviour” so to speak and while that may be true in some situations it is not always true to all situations and should not be generally apply to all.

What I have observed with many people that apply this parable, “don’t bite the hand that feeds” or “he/she is biting the hands that feeds them” is often not privy to all the facts. It is a blanket determination of a person or persons supposed character. Frankly “don’t bite the hand that feeds” is a moral judgment.

The truth is "the hands that feed” can often occupy dual or multiply roles and those roles may not always be to the benefit of the “eater” i.e. the benefactor because the “hand that feeds” can also be the hands that strangle, choke, beat, violate, negate, oppress and depress.

We should all exercise caution before predetermining who we believe a person is or is not based on what we perceive. 

The Moral:
It is wise to not judge what we do not have all the facts to for what we see is not always what is. What looks good is not always good and what we may “perceive” about a situation or others may crumble under the reality of truth for perception without facts to create certainty is just perception not truth. 

"Perception can be deception" --

think before you speak....
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