Jan 29, 2016


A woman approached me in the subway last week about my colouring. Her eyes were transfixed with interest as she watched me colouring. Joy radiated from her face. She looks behind her and then from side to side and whispers, "I colour in secret." I asked the obvious, "why?" She then softly shared her love of colouring and her reluctance to do it publicly because her "friends" and "loved ones" laugh and make fun of her.  This annoyed me. I said to her, "you have nothing to be ashamed of, It does not matter what others think........ 

I asked her, "does colouring bring you joy, give you a sense of peace? She answers, "oh yes, it relaxes me and makes me feel good." I stated, "if colouring brings you joy then colour to your hearts content and do not worry about what others have to say." 

I advised, "the next time you are colouring and someone makes fun of you, stop, look them directly in the eye and ask, 'what is the purpose and intent of you mocking and laughing at me? What is the goal and what is it you hope to gain? Do you wish me to feel ashamed and humiliated, so that you may feel powerful? 

She looked at me and said, "wow, that is a good, ought to shut them up." Just before I left to board my bus I said to her, "do what brings you peace and joy and stop worrying about what others think. Opinions are like assholes, everybody's got one. What others think of you is none of your business, what you think of you is."

This me doing just that.....Colouring through the madness that can bleed through the everyday.

Sometimes it takes little effort to roll the stress of the day away and creatively maneuver, out maneuver and manage the tumultuous moments. A PEACE escape is sometimes necessary, a smooth mental interlude if you will. Below is my cost effective therapy....me colouring my way through the madness of the daily commute....

Lunch Break

Tranquil in Crazy Commute

Seeing Stars

Hearts in Circles

Eclectic Electric

Mindfulness Thought:
Before sharing your "opinion" think and ask yourself, 'what is my intent for conveying what I am about to say.' If you do not have an answer that is enlightening, uplifting and inspiring. Keep your opinions to yourself.

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