Nov 24, 2013


Art: Journey to you by Salaam Mohammad

Journey to you by Salaam Mohammad

Trust is one of the values I think we all (regardless of creed, class, ethnicity, nationality, religion) universally agree is very important to the health, maintenance and longevity of any relationship. Trust is the corner stone.


Trust cannot be bought; it cannot be stolen however it can be broken and lost.

Arguable I have heard some people say that trust can indeed be bought and stolen. I beg to differ. If one does manages to buy another’s “trust” is it truly trust they are purchasing or the illusion of trust. It is a delusion built with express purpose of influencing and misguiding others. How can real trust exist when one wilfully resorts to treachery, trickery and manipulation of another in order to gain it? That is debauchery.

What do you think, can trust be bought and stolen, and if so is it real trust?

How much is your trust worth?

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