Nov 16, 2013

22 Hair, Natural Hair–Observing Texture & Character Changes in My Hair Due to Greying

I love my natural hair. I love the flexibility and versatility it allows me all without altering it drastically with chemical relaxers and hair dyes/color. 
Now before I go further let me make this announcement: ALL HAIR IS GOOD HAIR! cause I know some of you watching the photos of my hair with all the waves and shit, will be saying, “yeah but you got good hair,” and my statement to that comment would be, “bite you tongue, all hair is good hair.” For those of you who get so lost on hair, length and texture let me share this, my mother and sister deliberately and consciously shave their heads. Yes I said shave-as it take off all their hair, they rock the bald look! How you like them apples! They do  not let society and some racist crap about “good” hair determine how they look. They determine that themselves. Now where was i before I digressed?
Oh yeah, loving the flexibility and diversity of my natural hair. I can rock a twist one day and a wild mid length fro the next and if I am in the mood (which is rare), I temporarily press it to rock a straight look then wet it and have it delightfully come back to its natural tight curls. And! If I am channelling my ancestors, my paternal grandmother, my roots I rock the wraps in every color imaginable.
The past couple of years though, I have noticed some changes to the texture due to greying. Well my hair is actually silver-white not grey, and it has a personality all its own.  Like me my hair don’t do half measures, its no one strand you can pluck out, oh no its the whole damn head. Do you see the photos how the silver-white its peppered throughout my head. If I were to start plucking I’d be bald.
What I’ve observed about the sliver white hair, is that it is wilder, more curly, difficult to tame at times. This new hair is not about laying flat and behaving, oh no, not by a long shot. But you know I tame that sucker right, cause am not about to let no hair run me, oh no. Who is the boss, I am that’s for damn sure. As i was saying, the silver-white hairs are dryer-now I have to moisturize it more and it feels more coarse – due to the dryness I suspect.
None the less I am loving my hair anyway. As for the coloring. I have been thinking about it. Been thinking for the pass three years. What’s the delay, reluctance, hesitancy? The upkeep, the expense, I do not wish to be a slave to coloring and recoloring my hair. It is the reason my hair  is natural in the first place. I had no desire to keep chemically relaxing my hair every 4-6 weeks, plus the chemicals was brutal to my hair and scalp! Not to mention the lack of personality, it just hang limp like a dead dog and I had to spend hours curling only to have the humidity laugh and droop it all with its suffocating heat.
So here I am loving my natural hair, its flexibility and versatility, accepting its new characteristic quirks and embracing its salt and pepper (as they say in the Islands) appearance, not pepper and salt because as you can see I am half and half with the pepper (black) quickly fading into obscurity.
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