Nov 28, 2013


Snow finally hits Toronto and people are already complaining (it’s cold), public transportation has become more sluggish and the subways, roads, side walks, streetcars and buses are all littered with lost mittens, gloves, scarfs and hats. It never seizes to amaze me how every time winter arrives people act surprised as if they have never seen snow before and are appalled by the fact that they are cold. Drivers are unprepared, many have no snow tires and they continue drive at the same reckless break neck speed in spite of the slickness of the road and the dangers of black ice. It gets worst when the snow falls. I prayer “Father Jesus” as I watch the madness unfold. Six months advance notice of the climate change and yet many are taken by surprise, seriously?

Snow hits TOSnow hits TO (2)Snow hits TO (6)Snow hits TO (4)Snow hits TO (5)

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