Jul 18, 2013

22 Pondering on a word – “Expectation”


  1. To look forward to something
  2. To wait in hope
  3. To anticipate
  4. To predict
  5. A probability that something may occur

Hmmmmmm….so much lessons sits at my core due to my presumptions of expectations. Lesson I am endeavoured to remember because of the lived experiences wish not to repeat.

I have found that often times Expectations can be the catalyst for disappointments and hurt feelings if the “expectations” is not managed or balanced well with the reality of people (their character, personality, & limitations), situations and circumstances.

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with hoping, dreaming, imagining possibilities it is wise to give equal consideration to the other side of the spectrum before anticipating, predicting and depending upon the hypostasis of possibilities of this or that. It is also wise where necessary to communicate expectations in order to avoid hurt feelings, bruised egos and misunderstandings.

It helps to remember such things as:

1Individual thought (no two people think exactly alike and it is in sharing/communicating we begin to see what each other’s world look like & sound like thereby forming a bridge of understanding),

2Ethos (philosophies and cultures shapes, influences, informs and at times transforms how we think, believe, evaluate and reason)

3Values, (morals, ethics, ideals – things we hold true to ourselves emotionally, psychologically, politically, socially, spiritually may not necessarily have the same impact, though at times we may encounter those of like minds and views it is imperative we keep in mind the reality of the diverse variances.)

4Belief systems (what fuels, motivate and inspires us don’t always move and inspire others)

All of the above are shifting paradigms to match the diversity of human beings across the globe.


“Differences can be as beautiful as it can be ugly.”


What are your thoughts on EXPECTATIONS?

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