Jul 13, 2013


Blessings friends, visitors, acquaintances, I am apologize for my absence, for not checking in and dropping you a word via my comments. I have been disconnected. Yes disconnected. My internet connection died a turbulent, disgraceful, tasteless, unrepentant death and let me in the abyss of non-connectedness for 2-weeks. The blessing in the storm of all that non-connectedness, prior to its unceremonious muteness I had downloaded 10 books digitally from the library so I caught up on some of my reading.


Nerdy right? Hey what can I say – a woman’s got to get her groove on by any means necessary because frankly I neither had the time, desire or inclination to get into verbal fista-cuffs with my internet provider. I was not about to make them a fly in my ointment as a result I have reached 54% (65 books) of my reading goal (120 books) for this year.

So am back and I will be making my rounds, you will see virtual fingerprints as I elegantly surf by and putter for a minute here and there.

Have a blessed and glorious weekend/week.


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