Dec 18, 2012

49 Emotional Integrity (Honesty/Self-Honesty)

Emotional Integrity is not what you do when others are looking, it is what you do when you think no one is (there are no witnesses).

Some may say, “what they (people) don’t know won’t hurt them,” it may not hurt them but it will most certainly hurt you. Why you may ask? because each time you practice to deceive you are…

  1. changing your perception of yourself
  2. reshaping how you see yourself.

Deception changes ones self-perception negatively hence it impacts ones self-esteem and self-worth.

Why practice emotional integrity?

  • Because it is one of the keys to true self-fulfilment and access to your authentic self.

What could be better than living an authentic life? Its achievable, the seeds were planted by the Divine after all with whom we know all is possible.

Sure we undoubtedly will hit road blocks along the way, encounter trials and tribulations that will buckle our knees and test our commitment and endurance and we will falter that's a given, it happens, its called being human, the point is to pick yourself up each time you fall down/give-in to self-deception and you begin again remembering lessons learnt.


  • Do I practice selective emotional integrity?
  • Do I have emotional integrity?
  • Do I truly understand what emotional integrity is?
  • What steps do I take toward learning and implementing emotional integrity
  • How do I maintain emotional Integrity everyday?
  • How do I insert emotional integrity into my philosophy, ethos and approach to living, being and doing?


"Saying that one is honest does not mean that one IS honest."

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