Apr 13, 2013

20 The Reading Challenge–Join Me.

Current Reading Stats: June 22: 50% = 60 books
Reading2Blessings all. Last year I challenged myself to read more. Why you may ask, because frankly at times I can get reading lazy and not pick up a book for months and let face it the brain needs/requires stimulation. To keep my commitment I gave myself a goal–to read 100 books and a deadline—Dec 31, 2012.
I am happy to say that I accomplished my goal by Dec 24, 2012 before my deadline and surpassed it with an additional 5 more books by years end.
This year 2013, I dare to challenge myself again. My goal,120 books by Dec.31.13.
My Challenge/Invitation to you!
  • Join me, challenge yourselves to read more. It does not have to be 120 books (that just me trying to out do me), it can be any amount that is realistic to you and can easily blend seamlessly into your lifestyle. The point is to read more than you do now.
  • To really make it interesting try reading books outside your usual genre, don't just stay were you’re comfortable, step outside your comfort zone. I promise you the journey will be riveting.
  • At years end (Dec.31.13) I would love if you would share your journey/story/discovery with me, what you’ve learnt and discovered about yourself, your perception, our values and philosophy.
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