Apr 7, 2013

34 Alignment – Words, Thoughts & Deeds

[Thinking Out Loud]

Often times many of us speak without thinking giving our mouths free rein to spew toxins without thought, out of a sense of entitlement, misconception of something or the other or an over bloated sense of power without the benefits of applied discretion. As a result many of us hurt others and in so doing ourselves. The same can be said for our behavior and body language.

Sometimes we need to apply precautionary measures to ensure that:

Our words match our actions and are aligned with our intention because what we say can be betrayed by what we do.

We must be mindful that…

Our behavior tells a story as eloquently as our words spoken or unspoken. It can shed a spotlight on our inner thoughts, hurts, beliefs and philosophies for actions speaks louder than words and tells a truth the mouth cannot or will not tell. 

While we are human and likely to falter, it is wisest to …

Cultivate enough self-awareness to ensure that our actions are equivalent to our words, thoughts and deeds.

Unless of course

It is ones explicit intention to deliberately manipulate another. In which case, to do so will mean that one is full comprehension ones intent to deceive and are fully equipped and prepared to deal with whatever consequences one may experience as a result.

Cautionary Note:

Think before you say and do. Do not let your mouth runaway from your head and write a cheque that your ass can’t cash.

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