Apr 22, 2013

20 All Because I’m a Thamil by Balini (Guest Post)


All because I’m Thamil

I was tortured, raped, beaten, spat on,

Locked up, starved and left naked,
They destroyed my physical identity,
Cursed, belittled and wounded my pride,
All because I’m a Thamil.

My land and cattle were confiscated,

My house was robbed and ransacked.
They fought like vultures for the spoils
Burnt dear and precious souvenirs
All because I’m a Thamil.

My forefathers taught me, never to give up

Ones own mind and spirit, the invincible weapons.
Filled with valour and fortitude.
Manifests and dares the enemy
All because I’m a Thamil

You snatched the unborn infant and at the mother’s breast

You maimed and disfigured the children of my heritage,
You trapped the youth and burned them alive,
No court, no hearing, no mercy, for my people
All because we are Thamil

You acted beastly and cowardly, soaking your hands in the innocent blood,

You rejoiced in our pain and wail, victorious in mutilating our beloved
The bloody sacrifice will be paid by your children and children’s children
The wound will never heal and the loss is never forgotten nor forgiven
All because we are Thamil.

 dove (1) "Balini"………

My people were recently fighting at the UN assembly and had won a mandate for the post war rehabilitation work to be completed by our government and for the investigation on Human rights atrocities carried out by the government during the war in 2009 and thereafter. This is a huge victory for people like me and several who had been tortured all because we are Thamils. These tortures had been conducted by each Srilankan government when they were in power from the year 1958 till now.

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