Dec 11, 2012

39 The Challenge - 100 Books By December 31, 2012, Breaking Through The Dry Spell

Update readingDecember 24, 2012  – I have accomplished my goal of 100 books and before the December 31st deadline. Yes, I am proud of myself. I must say at times it was challenging because i chose to read outside my usual genre. I did so to open my mind to exploring other ideas and ideals and whilst I did not agree with many a things I read,  I am glad I took the plunge and broaden my prospective.

January 2012 I decided to give myself a reading challenge. I read a lot but every once in a while I go through a dry spell where I don’t read for months. This year I wanted to push through that dry spell and keep reading throughout the year. So I set a goal to read 100 books in any genre. I have 21 more days left in the year-a short time to achieve my goal of 100 books read. I believe I can do it. To keep track I enter all the books read into My Shelfari Bookshelf. Below is the book i am currently reading along with the list of those I’ve already read.  I’ll keep you up-to-date as I work toward completion.

What goals did you set for yourself this year? Where are you in that process? If you’ve hit some hiccups, try again, remember the lessons learnt and march on into triumph.

Remember “It is not how much times you fall down, it is that you continue to get up, to rise and keep it moving.”


* 39,813 pages


Books I’ve Read

1: Snaring The Huntress

2: Seduction, Westmoreland Style

3: Seduction, Westmoreland Style

4: The Keeping

5: The Finding

6: Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man

7: Dating a Cougar

8: Bonded

9: Forever In Time

10: Eaten By The Wolf

11: Beauty Touched the Beast

12: Black Silk

13: TORN

14: Say You Love Me

15: What She Doesn't Know

16: ECHO - A Mirror Warrior

17: Bad to the Bone

18: A Curve of Claw

19: A Flash of Fang

20: Shadow Musique

21: The Keeper of the Wolf Clan

22: Fury

23: Tranquility

24: Snaring The Huntress

25: Beautiful

26: Endlessly

27: Inferno Of Life

28: A Faerie Fated Forever

29: Wizard's Daughter

30: Alpha Female

31: Peace from Broken Pieces

32: Stringing Beaded Jewelry

33: Simply Stunning Jewelry: A Treasury of Projects, Techniques, and Inspiration

34: Beading From Nature: Creating Jewelry with Stones from the Earth

35: Teach Yourself VISUALLY Jewelry Making & Beading

36: Simply Gemstones: Designs for Creating Beaded Gemstone Jewelry

37: Bead Simple: Essential Techniques for Making Jewelry Just the Way You Want It

38: A bounty of bead & wire earrings : 50 fun, fast jewelry projects

39: Shades of Gray: The Introduction of Walter Harrison

40: A Dark Kiss of Rapture

41: Jewelry Making: Tips & Tricks Of The Trade

42: A Wolf's Heart

43: Lone Wolf

44: Illusions

45: A Silken Thread

46: A Wife for a Westmoreland

47: Her Little Black Book

48: Perfect Fit

49: Bachelor Unleashed

50: Heart Journey

51: Claimed for Destiny

52: Inseparable

53: 30-Minute Earrings: 60 Quick & Creative Projects for Jewelers

54: And Mistress Makes Three

55: Beading with Gemstones: Beautiful Jewelry, Simple Techniques

56: Perfect Match

57: Earrings (Magpie)

58: Timeless Moon

59: Handcrafted Wire Findings

60: Hot Westmoreland Nights

61: Bride of the Wolf

62: The Proposal

63: Raven's Quest

64: Beautiful Wire Jewelry for Beaders 2

65: Wire style jewelry workshop + DVD : step by step techniques and projects

66: The Encyclopedia of Wire Jewelry Techniques Publisher: Running Press

67: Healing Dr. Alexander

68: Crystal Brilliance: Making Designer Jewelry with Crystal Beads

69: Wolf Whisperer

70: Married Strangers

71: Tempt Me with Darkness

72: Seduce Me In Shadow

73: Secret of the Wolf

74: The Son He Never Knew (Harlequin Superromance) [Mass Market Paperback]

75: The UltraSimple Diet: Kick-Start Your Metabolism and Safely Lose Up to 10 Pounds in 7 Days

76: Dark Sins and Desert Sands

77: Shifter's Destiny

78: Tiger Bound

79: The Maker's Diet

80: Coveted

81: King's Pleasure

82: Eat Right 4 (for) Your Type - The Individualized Diet Solution To Staying Healthy, Living Longer & Achieving Your Ideal Weight

83: To Tempt a Wilde (Kimani Romance) [Mass Market Paperback]

84: The Courage to Be Free: Discover Your Original Fearless Self

85: Aging: Fight It with the Blood Type Diet: The Individualized Plan for Preventing and Treating Brainimpairment, Hormonal Deficiency, and the Loss of Vi   [AGING FIGHT IT W/THE BLOOD] [Mass Market Paperback]

86: A Long Way Gone

87: The Sweetest Spell

88: Daddy's Girl

89: Make It Last Forever

90: Freefall to Desire

91: Undying Love

92: Deadly Pursuit

93: I Can Make You Love Me

94: Taboo: A memoir, Confessions of Forbidden Love

95: Memoirs of Forbidden Love

96: King's Promise

97: Midnight: Dark Age Dawning: Book 2

98:Daybreak: Dark Age Dawning: Book 3

99: Kappa Puzzles Fill-in The Words Vol 21

100: Kappa Puzzles Fill-In The Words Vol 22


  1. 100 in a year? You try a lot o. I doubt a working class person in Lagos can do that. We got no trains, so we drive ourselves everywhere, after working all day.

    I wish you the best in the completion.

    1. Oh its doable, though very challenging because there were/are times when am just too bloody tired. I push myself though and I am almost there!

      thank you.

  2. Wow! 100 books? That's a challenge. It's doable if time and effort is put into doing so. Good luck, and have fun with your reading :)

    1. Yes it is.
      I am having fun though, read books I never thought I would, expanding my horizons, intellectually that is...hehe.


    2. Ok I am off to get something to eat and finish KINGS PROMISE, today! I started yesterday......296 pages.

    3. So I didn't get much reading today, had a friend over and just enjoyed relaxing and shooting the shit.

      Ah well, I'll get back to it tonight and into tomorrow.

  3. Whoa!!! Keep Pushing Rhapsody.. Almost there :)

    1. Thank you Darling, I will. At times i find myself running out of steam and in trouble of falling back into the old ways that promote the long dry spells.

  4. You go girl with those romance novels. My daughter Emillee is a reader like you. It’s why she is teaching special education students today as I roam on my laptop. Maybe I need to start making wire jewelry…Wink!! I suppose I could buy myself a Kindle after Christmas instead of an iPad? I may have to purchase, “The Makers Diet” and wonder if Emilee would like the book, “Daddy’s Girl.” Merry Christmas…Gbird

    1. Yeah sometimes i get a kick out of them, good for her, she is passing on the love. Oh making jewelry is something I taught myself this year, its quite an achievement that i most enjoy. I want an IPAD! I've been gooooood....

      Many happy returns, may the season bring forth joy overflowing.

  5. 100 in a year, that's impressive. I love to read I think I set my reading goal is 35 this year, which I did reach.

  6. This is such an admirable goal and it seems like you might make it or come very close! Good for you!

    1. My intention is the accomplish my goal. 6 more books and am there.

  7. You having with love to read the books for long hours.
    All of books there are very interest and you are enjoyed to reading the book for LONG hours.
    Have a lovely book with you tonight! Are you going to sleep tonight?

    1. Yes at times i read for long hours however i cannot do it long into the night, my eyes won't let me though i have tried.

      Yes I will sleep tonight

  8. Wow, you have truly inspired me to dust my shelf and read all those books I bought this year. It takes a lot of discipline to do what you have done, and I will sure challenge myself to do same in the new year. However, one of my goals this year was to become a published author, and I achieved that,thank God with the publishing of my first novel, Burning Hurt. I shall push for more next year by God's grace. You have inspired me.

    1. a published author-that is fantastic. I have BURNING HURT on my list of "to reads"

      I never looked at it as discipline, hmmmm, thank you.

    2. Yesterday, Tuesday December 11th was a wash. I did so little reading it doesn't even count so I'd say I did no reading. I did however spend time with a friend who's almost due-4 more days! yicks! It was fun. Now back to the joys of reading! KING'S PROMISE here i come....!

  9. I was nice to thinking about you that even your eyes having good lest.
    After you having a wonderful time with your friends.
    Today you will be back to enjoy reading books.
    Thinking about you Rhapsody!

    1. Thank you i am reading two simultneously, should finish both by saturdy

  10. Wow is all I can say. You really disciplined yourself well to get to that number. Congrats in advance for the completion of your goal..

  11. Glad you could stop by my blog. Thanks for visiting. I have a new flower starting to open up, hope you stop by to have a look around Christmas time.

  12. Hi
    I used to be a voracious reader at one time. Ever since I started blogging and spendng time on the internet I find my reading time coming down. I think I should take it up once again. For starters, I will begin with your list.
    My goals for this year were not really anything special except maybe to help my daughter with her coming public exams. Now with a home based job I am able to that... Best wishes for the holiday season and hope you havea wonderful year ahead!

    1. I think all have periods of reading droughts, i know i certainly do, its the reason I challenged myself to not only read more but to stretch outside my usual genre. The new ventures into differing genres were especially difficult-I kept an open mind though and plunged forth.

      blogging and being on the internet need not be a deterent rather you can combine them all to create a balance. Next time you are here, click on my FREE BOOKS page, there are many links to some interesting books.

      if you find any broken links please let me know

  13. You sure have read a lot...2012 is not ending the way I wanted but I am not giving up and looking forward to a beautiful 2013.

    1. Girl as long as you breathing and healthy it'll be alright, the rest is just cake. You can't afford to give up cause doing so mean surrendering and giving up on yourself.

      Keep your head up and keep on keeping on.
      peace my friend.

  14. Oh wow! I am so impressed. I haven't kept track of how many or what I've read. I'm afraid they weren't all that note worthy. Sigh. I'll need to do better in 2013.

    1. Well I only started (November 30, 2011)keeping track, and really kept count for 2012 however these are the I've entered into my shelfari account others i do not remember and already returned to the library. Like you in the past i never kept track meticulously,

  15. Wow Rhapsody I am impressed, are you a speed reader.? My niece is it's pretty amazing just watching her read. I am going to click on the Links when I have a moment , to see what books you're reading.
    Interesting Post
    Thanks for sharing
    Have a Fab Week
    Sheila x

    1. No I am not a speed reader, I think that is the next thing on my list to learn, then I'd really challenge myself...hehe.

      thanks for coming by as always....a pleasure

  16. I just finished posting about my fave book reads of 2012 and browsed your list to see if perhaps we've read the same books. I didn't see any, but let me say that your book reading is admired.

    1. Blessings Don, its been a while, oh yeah, nothing in common, alright I slide by your place and check out your list perhaps I'd add them to my TO READ list for 2013.

      thanks for coming by man, good reading from you.

  17. I read a lot too. As a matter of fact, I've been constantly reading somehing for the last 15 years or so. I rediscovered my love for reading when my children were in middle school. Right now I'm reading "Manhunt: the twelve day chase for Lincoln's killer" by James Swanson. I enjoy reading and I've read hundreds of books over the years, hopefully I will read hundreds more.

    1. hmmmm, that's good, let me know your thoughts on your current book "Manhunt: the twelve day chase for Lincoln's killer"

  18. Applauds, u are amazing...will try this out next year


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