Dec 26, 2012

51 A Wonderful Surprise-The Unexpected Gift

In May of 2009 I was updating this blog and visiting blog friends when I encountered much to my surprise, a little write up on me and an award (Lovely Blog Award) from Joseph Pulikotil whose blog at the time was titled Life In Motion (he has since created another called Man On The Move). Here is what he had to say:
  • Rhapsody Phoenix is living in Toronto, Canada. She is originally from the beautiful Island of Trinidad. She has amazing skills both in poetry and prose. She wrote a poetry in simple words with profound meaning and shaped it in the form of tree which was spellbinding to see. Since she has absorbed the cultures of Trinidad and Toronto, she makes excellent presentations with lovely photos. In addition, she has  fantastic photo albums links on blog. She has great analytical ability and the investigative mind of a Sherlock Holmes. She is a great friend and a treasure. She is like a breath of fresh air and it will be extremely interesting, invigorating and refreshing to cultivate her friendship.

bow-blkWasn't that nice? It simply was a wonderfully unexpected and welcomed surprise. Thank you Joseph. Sometimes the unexpected gifts are the most precious.

In your browse through bloggersville stop by Joseph’s blogs  Life In Motion  or  Man On The Move and say hello/Namaste-he share’s his world with us and allows us the privilege of experiencing the culture, tradition, philosophies and ideals developed in a wealth of stories and histories.

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