May 18, 2015



I sit, I stare

Not in despair

There are no tears

No fears

No melancholy

I simply …

Sit and stare

Observing the world around me

Looking everywhere and nowhere

Thinking about everything and nothing

I sit, I stare

Without care




I sit and I stare


D.S.B.S.Rhapsody©All Rights Reserved.

May 7, 2015


This is where am at today so am hitting replay, trying to be..still.

I Believe I Can Fly by Frank Morrison
Learning to be still at times is like trying to catch water with a sift. It is challenging, pitting what you know against what you want. The practice endeavours one to think critically about action, cause and effect. It moulds and teaches self-discipline, self-monitoring and self-parenting. It is a practice that is demanding when one first instinct is to react instead of staying calm, to roar instead of being humble, to be obnoxious and malicious instead of benevolent and polite.
Learning to be still is valuable. It is in the process of achieving it is where one runs into trouble. It involves daily practice, learning how to “leave this”, “pick up that”. The Repetitive practice is essential to training oneself to … Speak when it is necessary, answer only when called, think mindfully before expressing and walking away instead of surrendering to wilful retaliation.
The art of being still demands much skill, some of which I am still learning.
D.S.B.Rhapsody©all rights reserved.

Apr 27, 2015


blackstone greenleaveLearn to forgive, not for the sake of those that hurt you, betray you and trespass against you, learn to forgive for the sake of the self, YOUR SELF, for your emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual self/begin so you can heal and live a full life.

I am not saying it is easy. I am saying YOU are worth the work it will take to let go of all that toxic rubbish in order to live fully.

Do not surrender your power by holding tight to anger and bitterness it will only ensure you become fragmented and tormented to the detriment  of your self, your joy, your happiness, your peace of mind, your contentment

Each journey begins with a first step, with each step you create your own path.

Do not  allow yourself to be hostaged by other people’s choices for which you have no control.

Apr 22, 2015


"Be thankful for the little things, it will make the big things that much sweeter."--D.S.B.Rhapsody
D.B.S.Rhapsody©all rights reserved

Apr 13, 2015


Friday I walked 6 blocks to the library to pick up a book THE MAN WITHIN I put on hold for a series I am reading call BREEDS by Lora Leigh. The roads to the library are closed for the next 3 weeks due to streetcar rail replacement construction and the only way to get there is by foot, so off I went. Never the patient type when it comes to books I had already begun the series and skipped over this one Volume 2 as there were no digital copy from the library.

Reading a series out of order is a big no no for my eldest daughter who believes I should read the series in order. I had already read volumes 1, 3, 4, 6, 9 and started 7 & 8. My response to her horrified outrage? Yeah yeah, yadda, yadda, yadda, (rolling the eyes) whatever .

So, I arrived at the library, checked out the book and headed toward home. I stopped and asked the construction man where to pick up the bus going to Spadina Subway in light of all the detour due to the major construction I didn’t want to go wondering around. He said, "oh just up North one block and you can catch the bus." One block turned out to be 4 blocks.

As I finally neared the active stop I noted a Caucasian gentleman mid to late thirties with white earphones in his ear walking South to my North a short distance away. Ever diligent I became more alert as I noticed and shifted more to the right to make room for him to walk along left. However, instead of staying to the left he shifted right directly in my path. I thought, ‘no biggie’. I adjusted and shifted to the left. again he shifted directly in my path, he kept doing so until he was arms length in front of me. I moved to the right. Laughing he blocked my path while trying to look and sound innocent. I was not laughing. I did not know this man from a hole in the wall. I said, "back off!" He says, "what?" Grinning foolishly. I said more firmly, "BACK OFF!" Again he laughs coming closer. I thought, ‘hell no’ I back up a bit as he says again, "what!" pretending not to hear me or understanding what I was saying.

I quickly realized I needed to get serious fast. I took a deep breath and in a more serious tone that carried my intent, I shouted,  "MOVE!" with a roar. He jumped and quickly moved to his my left and walked quickly down the sidewalk without look back.

I breathed a sigh of relief, and laughed to myself as I replayed my response thinking, ‘Lord give me strength.’ I walked the rest of the way to the bus stop, boarded and may my way home.

red lilies

Apr 2, 2015


Have you ever had someone tell you “get over it?” They just fling those three words at you, sometimes in judgment, disgust, exasperation, or in a well intentioned effort to help you move on without really having a clue as to the depth of your issues and they only succeed in making you feel worst?

You know why you feel worst, because on some level you know there is some truth to what they have said regardless of delivery (how they are say it) and that is why it hurts so much (even if they don’t have all the facts and know the whole story). Therein lies the discomfort, the reasons for the defensiveness, resistance, distance and perpetulance because you are locked in, you are stuck and feeling like you can’t to get above the experience, the hurt.

Sometimes in life we get stuck, stuck in the past. Stuck in a point in time that is was impactful enough that it hinders your progress or slows it to a degree that you feel like you are standing still while the world goes by. This I call “The boom shift” the point of impact, the implosion, the wounding of the “I” that creates the crisis of “self”, “the monkey cling”, you know—the shit that sticks/emotional baggage. It colors the way in which you see yourself, the way you see, articulate and relate to the world around you. Not everyone can just shake that monkey and keep it moving.  

We are all different and hence we all process our experiences diversely. While it is important to deal with past negative experiences that created a shift in character and personality that can contribute to being stuck it is also important that we don’t maliciously trample upon others feelings in our zest to help them “get over it” because you may be creating more wounds and doing more harm than good.

Getting over is not easy, shame and guilt are heavy tasks masters that gives no quarter and takes no prisoners though journey to conquer ones demons is well worth the triumphant peace that is sure to follow because we all deserve to be free of the negative bondage of the past.


Check your mouth before you let things go falling out and ask yourself this, are you speaking from your own context or are you standing in the context of the person to whom you are speaking in order to really grasps what they are sharing, have experienced and what they are asking?

Bear in mind, when someone shares their story with you, It’s not about what you would do, IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU! It’s about them, where they are at and what they are feeling and how they are attempting to sort it out if that’s what they are asking. If you cannot do that, if you cannot prevent yourself from making it about you, then do them a favor, delicately shut it down.

Note: If you consent to listening to someone’s story, consult your head, heart and intention before you go doling out advise, solicited or unsolicited and be mindful that you may not “know” the whole story and there may be levels and depths to which you don’t understand, have a clue or are ill equipped to deal with.

For those of you “getting over” be patient with yourself, be gentle with yourself, be real with yourself, be willing to see the truth as is even though its hard to sallow and digest, to face it, own the pieces that are yours to own, learn to come to terms with and let go of the ones that are not yours to hold and understand through it all, you are enough and you are worthy.

D.S.B.S.Rhapsody©All Rights Reserved.


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