Aug 27, 2012

60 Pontificating “just because”


-       Just because one is fertile it means one should become a parent(s). Just because one can marry it means one should marry.

-       Just because one can get what they want, when they want, from whom they want it means they should take advantage.

-       Just because one is popular it means that one is loved.

-       Just because one knows some things it means one knows everything or should have opinions about all things.

-       Just because one looks nice it means that one is nice.

-       Just because one is handsome or beautiful it means one is of good character. Physical attractiveness is not a barometer or testament to decency, kindness and integrity


Just because is an assumption carried by a perception however it is not a definition of whom or what one should or could be. Place more value on self; do not get carried away by the voice of everyone else




Love yourself…

Stop wishing to be someone else, anyone else, anybody else but yourself and start living.

Do not allow your SELF to drown in the envy of everybody else or saturate in the petty jealousies of everything else.

You are enough as you,

Perfectly imperfect

Learn to love it,

Learn to love YOU.


Because you are worthy

Because the infinite quandaries of “Just because” leads to physic torture, leading you on all fours if you are not hip to the cause, the rhyme and the reason for its toxicity. 

Just be yourself.

Just because is not a justifiable reason to overindulge no matter how reasoned it seems nor is it a good rationale to give up free will and choice.

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