Sep 2, 2012

68 Listen More, Talk Less

Listen more.

Talk less.

It is not everything you need to express.

Silent observation brings revelation,

A guide to astute communication,

Smooth articulation,

Probably solutions,


Stop the endless regurgitation

Of the...

He said,

She said,

It said,

That said,

They said,

Who said,

What said,

When said,

Where said,

Why said,

Unproductive tittle-tattle insanity.

It is useless sheep mentality

Obscured in false unity,

Rooted in insecurity.

Words are not always necessary.

You lose the lesson when prattling insistently,

Missing the message in the journey

You ought to...

Listen more.

Talk less.

You may learn something,

And gain everything


by D.S.B. Rhapsody©All rights reserved


TRIGGER FINGER – AM SORRY: To my blog friends, I accidentally deleted a couple of your comments, i am sorry, blame it on my trigger finger.    07

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