Dec 11, 2011

17 My Sister, Mom & Me - A Family Thing

Today I set out to spend sometime with my mom at my sisters as she was only up for a day. Her plans? To help my sister ready her house for Christmas, Before I set off to my journey I stopped by Al-Jannat and bought Chicken Biryani @2.99 with a small order of butter chicken for $1.00. Then I stopped into Giant Tiger a less than half a block away and bought a water for .33 cents, my total cost of food and drink,$4.33. Cheaper than Tim Hortons which was opposite Al-Jannat and a hell of a lot tastier, I reached the subway by 2 pm and waited for the 86 Bus. Outside of the elderly lady who booted in front of me in the line and wouldn't move back so the bus driver who was having trouble parking the bus because she kept jumping in front of the bus door each time the driver blew his horn and inched up a little the trip was uneventful. I ate, drank my water and read some of my novel "Passion To Die For." I arrived approximately 3:00 pm and entered into the "work zone" my sister was hanging curtains downstairs on the first and second floor and my mother was hanging curtains and changing beddings etc on the fourth floor. Yes i said fourth floor my sister's house just goes up and up, its like climbing mount kilimanjaro and that’s not counting the basement cause if you did it would be five floors. Her house reminds me of episodic piece on Sesame Street called masterpiece theatre with Cookie monster the narrator as he narrates Grover running up and down the stairs in great Shakespearean satire.
Upon hearing my voice my mom came down holding her breasts smiling and saying, “ah coming feh meh kiss,” and of course after obliging her I asked the obvious question. “Mom, why are you holding your breasts, do they hurt?” to which she replies, “no, ah just holding them so ah doh hurt myself while ah moving.” To which I said nothing, what can one say to that? I just smiled to myself thinking, ‘she is something else;sometimes there is just no words.’ Then she said looking at me, “yuh not putting up the Christmas tree, dat is your job yuh know, you good at dat!” I said, “I don’t know where it is,” she walked a few steps to the kitchen and gestured to her right saying, “look it deh, look it deh, look it right here.”So it began, I fixed and decorated the Christmas tree. When I was about halfway through with all the lights mom comes down and says, “oh great, great, ah tell yuh she good yuh know, it look good so, it eh bonk feh decorations, all dee lights look good.” I continued on with my tasks sorting through decorations to see which theme I will use because I wasn’t about doing “ghettorations”. I chose deep browns and gold’s, beige and brunt orange and put away the other decorations. My sister came up and said, “you not putting all of those?” (Those consisted of every colour, size, and style imaginable) I just looked at her and said, “No, this year here will be no ghettorations.”  She starts laughing, “ghettorations, haha, ghettorations, haha,”she then tried to explain to mom the meaning of ghettorations but it completely flew over her head. I smiled saying, “she doesn’t get it, I then explained that I had chosen colours that will coordinate and compliment the drapery and not clash with it.  Below is one shot with the drapes so you have an idea and one without.
JB's Xmas Tree 2011 (4)JB's Xmas Tree 2011 (5)
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