Dec 15, 2011


I choose to choose

But even when I do not choose…


Refuse to choose

I choose

Simply because…

I Chose

Not to Choose




Therein lies the dilemma


  1. Freedom! Oh, the burden of responsibility. Who will bear it? The sin of omission is her snare.

  2. oh, very profound – I like it!
    You know men, they cannot multitask or think of doing it so I know if Greg had come over to help with the groceries he would not have gone for coffee with his Dad … where apparently the topic of conversation was ME!

  3. Exactly so, my good friend! :-)

  4. Girl thanks for the concerns expressed in your last comments, ah eh vex at all, ah eh make ah sound cause ah know wha yuh say was de truth. As per signing ah paper as per how much I’m owed, that’s all being done. When I’m expected to be paid that money? That’s what’s not known! But anyway, I have already started looking for a new job. Actually I have an interview on Wednesday. So yep, those resumes have been going out, and God’s willing I should be out of here by early next month!

  5. Very profound my friend. If only some of decisions did not cause great dilemias. But for every decision there is a consequence. Hopely all our decisions are tempered with that knowledge.
    Sorry for my absence. I just returned home last Friday after being gone for 59 days. Way to long…. So happy to be home and back among the land of my blogging friends.
    May God richly bless you.~Love and Hugs~Marilyn~

  6. Hello, I’m dropping by from Pep’s space, following her around on her journey to new interesting spaces. I love your space, so beautiful – and the poetry is wonderful.

    This poem is powerful, and so true. I just love it though when I choose not to choose and it ends well. I try not to do that too often though, it’s such a gamble.

  7. This poem is to so simple then you need think carefully …I totally agree with you.:-)

  8. Good day Fab…
    Yes…It’s good to be back. You are right, I just have to live a life of balance and wisdom. Thank you for your kind words. There really is nothing more important to me than being a good dad.
    I still can’t believe I kicked the coffee habit. This morning when it was a bit chilly in the house I kind of craved a cup. But I was wise not to open that door and had some wild raspberry herbal tea.
    So…You didn’t copy down the chicken salad jell-o recipe??? You don’t want to give it a tr? Sometimes they even mix in Miracle Whip salad dressing. Double eeeeewwwww!!!
    I wonder what our world would be like if we truly understood how we are deigned to be obligated to make the right choices by truth.
    You are a blessing my friend…Greg
    Nope…No stripper pole going up in my house.

  9. The choice lays with the opportunity presented in the moment of its creation…xx

  10. Of course! We all choose to do something, consciously or unconsciously!

  11. Love this...simple yet profound.

  12. This is absolutely true. The absence of a decision is really a decision in and of itself.

  13. Ha Ha ! That's wonderful punning around with word.Have a great weekend. Ram

  14. I stopped by to say Happy Holidays! I hope things are well with you and yours!


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