Dec 8, 2011





Mildewed by affliction,

Soured by pain,

Caged by oppression,

Anaesthetized the passion once burned fury.


Hope lay slain.

Blissfully unaware …

Of the transformational renewing,

The unfamiliar unimagined ignition,

Of dreams,

As it emerges,

Triumphant and frighteningly hot,

Fuelling passions once thought extinct.

white rose3

Written  2008 by D.S.B.Rhapsody/Rhapsody Phoenix © All Rights Reserved


  1. Good morning Ms Rhapsody. Hope you have a great weekend."Hope lay slain" is a frightful image. Just where our enemies would want us. The rebirth of hope is powerful "fueling passions once thought extinct".A poem for the times. Good work.j

  2. I have appreciated your visits. I have enjoyed reading your posts too! Thank You. xo T~

  3. ohh that’s so very spontanious! wow..ohh this one sounds rather grim!

  4. wow! what a flow! ‘hope lay slain’ injects some fear though. :)

  5. My sentiments, exactly, thought these thoughts – many times, wrote them down, never did finalize them into a form I felt comfortable about sharing. This is sooooooo good, so true, so on-point. I love it!

  6. Your words ring strong tones in my herat! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Brilliant!! Rebirth is a natural phenomenon and rekindling of the emotions and dreams are logical sequel.Beautifully written

  8. Very strong message in your words.

  9. I enjoyed reading this * I had to read it more than twice to get connected* If dreams die due to pain or affliction and there is no hope to revive it, the only way to go is retreat and be reborn.

  10. you are very talented! I wish I had a little of your gift. Very beautiful!

  11. Powerful poetry and brilliant imagery.

  12. Hi,


    Fabulous writing. Wow,wow, wow. Fantastic.

    Your photos are breath taking.

    Have a nice day,

  13. Great Post and speaks volume's . Hope you have a fab Sunday Sheila x

  14. You, my friend, are one awesome writer/poet! This is an amazing piece, I love it and the way you bring life to a concept with your words.

    I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

  15. @J Thanks, the reality is sometimes we encounter people and experiences that are the catalysts for such emotions and during those moments we forget our own power due to the powerlessness of the situation until we regain our strenght and remember our magnificents, then we rise again!

  16. @I, @ Deepu, @ Trouble, @ Styln, @ Leona & @ Parthasarathi, @9JaFoodie, @Beth, Thank you all for coming and sharing your wisdom on REBIRTH, like life sometimes we experience things that elicit strong emotions within us, it tests our endurance, evoke within us fear, despair, shame, anger and in the end resurges our power to hope and live in spite of it all. Thanks again, i enjoyed reading your analysis.

  17. @Okeoghene Exactly my sistah, sometimes in life one has to re-invent oneself and begin again.

  18. @Nenyenwa thanks and bless you. I believe that we are all gifted with something and it is when we connect with each other that we get to share that gift.

  19. @dellgirl Wow, coming from such a talented author that is quite the compliment, I humbly accept, thank you.

  20. Beautiful. Thanks for checking up on me. :)


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