Mar 19, 2012


Change; the inherent cycle of evolution, it is one of life’s only guarantees. Often we stand in resistance of change.

Change is inevitable. It happens whether you want it or not, whether you go peacefully and willingly or you are dragged kicking, screaming, demanding and protesting into it.

The truth…let’s face it…

Change is considerably easier in theory than it is in practice. It is difficult and complex, it requires introspection, doing mental inventory, stepping out of ones comfort zone and letting go of old mind sets that may have served you well in the past but has become a hindrance to you now, ending a relationship(s) or having the courage to rise up and save the one you're in that maybe on life support.

It challenges one to elevate and heighten their thinking, to perhaps leave behind old ways of thinking, reacting, behaving and conceptualizing in order to embrace something new. It does not mean giving up who you are, just letting go of things, people, notions and theories that keeps one from realizing ones true potential, its about creating a better you or at least it should be.

Change simply means doing instead of talking about doing.



It is infinitely easier to talk the talk than it is to walk the walk.


Fear is a motivator for many things including doing nothing.


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