Feb 17, 2022


When you choose to surrender your power to another in the false notion that to whom you are surrendering your power is more equipped. Be prepared to be Unhappy, Discontent, Dissatisfied, Depressed and Oppressed because every decision that person makes on your behalf will be essentially  in their best interest purporting to be in your interest. 

Be very careful who you set in the drivers seat of your life. The only driver of YOUR life should be YOU because your happiness IS....YOUR responsibility. Will you falter, yes. Will you make mistakes, yes. Will you from time to time fall short, absolutely. That is call being human, learning and growing from your errs.

Unless you are mentally incapacitated YOU ARE the only one that is equipped to make decisions for your life. Right or wrong, poor or wise it is your right to choose your path to self-governing. If your choice is to give away your power to lead your own life, then it is your choice to be fundamentally unhappy.


  1. Dear Rhapsody:

    A very concise and relevant analysis for many of us. I think this misconception that you are referring to is the root cause of abuse in any relationship.

    It is necessary to be able
    to accept our humanness but also being aware of the enormous potential capacity we
    all have to grow and evolve into autonomous persons. In my opinion, these are the basis of healthy relationships.

    1. Absolutely, those three (self acceptance, growth & evolution are absolutes to gaining self-autonomous life.


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