May 13, 2011

26 My Way Of Battling The Rising Cost of Food

Baking Bread

It’s been a while (approximately 2years) since I’ve bought bread, with the rising prices of food I have opt to return to the things that I know and baking is one of them. Bread prices have changed drastically, the cost went from 89 cents – $1.20 a loaf to between $2.79 - $6.00. It literally became cheaper to buy the flour, butter, baking powder, yeast. This week I baked bread its whole wheat rye with soy and Teff Flour. I also included almonds, raisins and peanuts in one loaf.

making bread (2)making bread (4)making bread (6)making bread (5)

Popping Corn From Scratch

popcorn frm scratchI love the traditional way of making popcorn better than the microwaveable stuff. The traditional way allows me to be creative with my flavours of popcorn. There is a banquet of possibilities using a variety of seasonings. Today’s popcorn was garlic paprika, trust me it was magnificent. If I could send you a bowl I would, fear not I ate it all with you in mind….hmmmm

popcorn frm scratch (2)popcorn frm scratch (3)

Home Cook Meals & Boycotting The Everyday Eat Out

While I do occasionally go out to a restaurant or two I much prefer to prepare my own meals. The savings are astronomical. Everyday I see people that buy meals, breakfast,$ 6 - $8, plus lunch starting from $8 - $12. If one were to indulge everyday in breakfast and lunch that is a cost of $14 - $26 a day bringing it to a weekly cost to $70.00 - $130.00 per week totalling a monthly expenditure of $280.00 - $520.00. Trust, that is just not something that I can afford to do and frankly I wouldn’t go that route even if I could.

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