May 11, 2011

10 Look Closer At Your Own Life & Do Not Envy Others

comparisonsDo not spend your life comparing yourself to others, for what you see in someone else’s life from the outside is only window dressing, were you privy to all that is, you may not be so quick to judge how “wonderful” it all is in comparison to your own life and waste your precious energy being envious of what appears to be "great and more meaningful." Your energy is better spent focusing on your life figuring out how you can extend yourself, beyond yourself to the betterment and enjoyment of YOU and still live an authentic life.

If you are unsure and unfocused then get creative, live purposefully by setting monthly goals (3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 1 year etc.), marking each completion with a celebration of accomplishment. Find a cause that feeds your passion and fuel your dreams and volunteer your time, talent, energy and consideration and it is in the giving you will be receiving as knowledge's align and unfold within you to infinite satisfaction and purposes will be realized. Yes I said purposes for we are born to more than one purpose and our capacity for greatness is limitless.

The grass always appear greener on the other side that is until you get close enough to see the dry patches, contaminated spaces, the holes of deterioration and smell the pungent putrid shit that from a distance was blinking in the sun which you once saw and thought was gold dancing in its light.

By all means be inspired by the examples before you just don’t diminish your own capacity for excellence.



My sincerest apology to my BlogSpot friends, it would seem that when was updating yesterday (May 12) I lost some of my comments for this post. Your opinions is important to me as it allows me the opportunity to see things from another point of view.
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