May 15, 2011


One of the hardest lessons in life that I’ve had to learn is how not to take everything personally, to take a step back and see things clearly as they are/were and not as I would have like/liked it to have been. It is one of the lessons in life I still wrestle with from time to time because, as you all know life tends to throw all sorts of scenarios your way.

“Don’t take it personal,” is a lesson I try always to be mindful off. I keep it in the forefront of my mind applying it daily in my approach to life.  It is a practise I must admit that is very challenging especially when it hits close to the heart and  borrows beneath the skin. I am cognoscente never to forget because to forget, is to set oneself up to be continuously victimized and one cannot, and should not, go through life being a victim of circumstance, actions, words and the deeds of others or the ego.  So the next time you encounter a situation, an experience, a circumstance that hit close to the heart or bruises the ego, ask yourself, 'how much of this, is my stuff, and how much of it is not', ‘is it really something I need to personalize and expend my energy on?



  • When someone you choose as a friend, chooses not to be your friend. Do not take it personal. Just as you have the right to choose with whom you would like to be friends with, so too does the other person  have the right and the privilege of choice and the reality maybe, that their choice may not be you.

  • When the romantic feelings you have toward another  is not reciprocated, they cannot force what they do not feel. Do not take it personal, rather, see it not as rejection, see it as a blessing because the person to whom you choose to give your affection/love should be as into you as you are into them. The intensity should be equal, nothing else should do, never settle for less. It is about worthiness and one should not settle for less than they are worth.  To do beneath your worth is akin to beating a dead horse and that makes no sense.

  • When you do not receive an invitation from someone you consider a loved one, a friend with no explanation or expression of remorse after the event. Do not take it personal, rather see it as an opportunity to learn what was not said without saying. Get the lesson, learn from it and move on.

  • When your extended invitations to people you like to social outings are continually met  with an endless slew of excuses for which there never seems to be an opportune time for them to accept/attend. Do not take it personal rather see it as a lesson, accept and choose to invite those that will make the time and are readily available and happy to socialize with you and enjoy your company.

  • At times certain things and circumstances feel personal, it hurts and it makes us feel uncomfortable. Yet  if we examine closely the situation we would see that in some cases it really isn’t personal as it first felt.

  • Rejection it is not always a bad thing, sure it stings and bruises the ego, sometimes though it is a blessing because when one door closes it leaves room for greatness to come in through the window.

  • Through all things there are lessons and sometimes the zingers that stings brings the greatest growth and transformation.

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