Aug 23, 2009

15 The Unexpected Storm

Thursday Aug 20, 09 approximately 5:45 pm I made a detour from work to return a modem to Bell Canada via the post office. Directly opposite the variety store/post office was a store. I crossed the street and entered the store looking for a reasonably priced mouse. Purchased the mouse $6.99 (too much) and a camera bag since it was only $5.99! As I was about to leave the store the sky suddenly darkened and opened up with heavy rains and endless fierce sounding crackling thunder and foreboding strikes of lightning.

Normally I walk through the rain however that lightening stopped me in my tracks. I thought of all the silver bracelets I had on my hands – 15 to be exact, (13 on the left, 2 on the right) and I said am not moving till it’s over’. Is silver a conductor I had no idea and didn’t care to test the theory.

One woman beside me in the store suggests I take them off the bracelets and put them in my bag; I looked at her and said, “I will still have them on me”. We waited out the store together for 45 minutes watching lightening touch ground and listening to the thunder growl menacingly. On the radio we learnt that early in the day there was a tornado that touched down in Woodbridge and Vaughan Ontario. No one was prepared and everyone was caught off guard. Children in day camp were scrambling for cover one little 10 year old boy lost his life after the table he hid under collapsed, hundreds of houses were damaged many deemed irreparable the destruction left residence in horrified awe and at a lost as how to deal with the aftermath of the storm.

45 minutes and the sky brighten as if someone turned on the light switch in a darkened room, it stopped raining and life seem to go on as if nothing ever happened (at least in Toronto) and the experience was a figment of one’s imagination.

I thank God I was in a store when it all occurred and not in the middle of the street as it happened with others. Just a few weeks ago a little boy and his mother were struck by ligtening, the little boy was carrying a scooter, he eventually died. Was it a coincidence that I made an unplanned visit to the computer store? I think not, my intention was simply to go to the post office and drop of the modem and go directly home. I thank the powers that be that kept me safe. We have had many storms this year in Toronto, more than I have seen the twenty-four years i've been living here, this one was one of the worst.


  1. Yes, praise God indeed that He was watching over you during this storm. I am so thankful to hear that all is ok.

    Hope you got all your computer stuff figured out too!

    God bless!

  2. You brought all the thrill and fear of thunder and lightning in the post.God helps some in his mysterious ways depending upon what they are destined to get.

  3. i m glad everything went smooth and nothing went amiss on the thunderous day...i was camping this weekend and we had a soggy night...totally resonate with all the thunder chills that must have gone up ur spine and im glad u took care of the silverjewelery...yeah they do change color with water on them!!

  4. Hi Rhapsody:)

    Greetings and salutations:)

    I am delighted to see you hale and hearty and telling us the gripping news about the storm in your place. Lightning can be quite dangerous. Once in Kochi, a lady and her little son were electrocuted to death when they were standing under an electric pole waiting for the school bus.

    It is true God saved you. It can’t be anything else. You are here to do some great things for God. In lighter vein, I would say to do things like visiting me once in a while and making me delirious with joy with your enthusiastic inquiries. No one is bothered about me except you, my friend.

    Those bangles looked pretty on your lovely hands. Here in Kochi most people wear gold bangles. Gold will not attract lightning, gold will look attractive plus gold in an investment. But it has got its own problems. There are chain snatchers in Kochi. They come on a motor cycle, snatch the chain and speed away. What a problem for the person wearing the chain. She not only loses the chain but she can be badly hurt. I suppose it is safe to wear silver bangles. Gold ornaments can be kept in a locker and worn during special occasions.

    That reminds me of my sister in law. She is an exhibition of gold ornaments such as bangles and chains. You will always see her whether she is traveling or at home decked with gold ornaments. She says she is frightened to leave the gold in a locker because thieves can rob them. She says it is safe to wear them on her person. She is always glittering with gold. She is the center of attraction wherever she goes and cynosure of all eyes. Every one adores her, looks at her with envy, hangs on to every word she utters and she gets enormous amount of respect.No one has dared to rob her so far. I admire her for her guts.

    I thought that there was a big gap between the last post and this. I hope and pray you were keeping well. As far as I am concerned, I alive and kicking as you can see.

    Precaution is better than cure. Take care, my friend,

    Best wishes until you meet me in my next post:)

  5. yes i am back ....
    life keeps us busy once a while ....
    and then we need to be ourselves for a while ...
    life is like that ...

    like the thundering and cloudy sky making decisions for us, life just gives us speed breaks once a while

  6. I just came from Ann's blog Beauty in Art where I watched a truly spectacular youtube video called thunder and lightning and I thanked God wasn't present to any of those storms, then I came here to read about your escape from a terrible lightning storm. I lived through two hours of one of the worst lightning storms on the mountain, crouched in a trailer with my 5 year old daughter and my niece. Lightning struck all around us but did not strike our trailer. It was like being physically assaulted my fear was so great. The lightning storm of my life among aspens scarred by lightning strikes. Gerry

  7. Quite a scary experience I must say.. I once saw lightning come within 15 feet of me in Mumbai and it was quite powerful.. Your post reminded me of that episode over 25 years ago...

    Good you chose to stay back in the store...

  8. I just checked on google. Silver is one of the best conductors of electricity there is. You were very fortunate you chose to go purchase a mouse.

  9. I am so glad the ‘powers-that-be’ were at work and kept you safe. I would not have thought of bracelets as conductors, but then that’s where the higher powers come in…to protect us. We had the same kind of storm on Friday the 21st. I hope you have a fantastic week.

  10. It 45 minutes that seems a long time to wating but you were safe thank god for that! We had unusual weather for about weeksthe sunder stom with hail with strong winds.The back of year we did have had four season in the years but not anymore?Have a great week ahead.

  11. Glad you’re safe! There’s always a reason where we’re at a certain place at a certain time. My unversity days were great..b’day’s in jan…had a libra friend with whom i enjoyed roaming around towm. Stay safe.

  12. Hello ROAM…How’s the lightning rod?But then it really is not a laughing matter. Tragedy sucks and mother nature has a very ugly side at times.I always chill awhile and listen to your music when I’m visiting.Christina Aquilera always reminds me of my oldest daughter because she can sing like her. Yes…My Jade has some pipes.Have a wonderful week and a beautiful Fall season is on the way…Greg

  13. Wow, that was bad. I really never did any research on silver being a conductor or electricity, but I know as a child the old folks back home used to say that. But you did the right thing, wait it out no matter what, don’t try to test the fury of mother nature!

  14. Glad you are safe…it wasn’t your time to go. Just another reminder to live life to the fullest. Have a great week.

  15. poor boy what a shame :o(do love your bracelets ~x~


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