Aug 6, 2009

0 Have You Ever Consider?

Have you ever considered what you look like to others when doing things in public? Things like what you ask? Simple things, like:

  • Chew gum

  • Yawn

  • Eat

  • Sit

  • Speak

  • Laugh

  • Communicate

Perhaps you are wondering why I pose this question. Quite frankly, curiousity really, I love to know what people think and I am of the theory that "WE" (universal inclusive term to mean all of us) are more alike than we are different no matter the creed, where "we" are in the world, regardless of our culture, religion, traditions, cultural practices and philosophies. "We" may say it differently, in a different language, express it in a different way, define it differently, take different appoaches to achieving it and live it out on a daily basis differently yet its all the same goal. To be happy, unconditionally loved, accepted, included (inclusivity), and not judged by that which you have no control - the color of your skin, the texture of your hair, the shape of your eyes, nose, lips, hips, your ethnicity and your nationality.

I've observed that as human beings "We" tend to (whether voluntary or involuntary) deconstruct each other and assess people rating them high, low or non-existent on our Like-o-meter, Tolerate-o-meter, dismiss-o-meter, and revolt-o-meter. Are you with me so far or have I lost your with my "O-Meter" words? Hah! don't get lost follow me and read through I promise I will lead you to the light of reasoning at the end of the tunnel. The munipulation of words is just me exercising artisitic license on my own work. Now where was I...oh yes, human beings deconstruction of each other

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