Aug 31, 2009

22 Knowing Is Not Doing

I have learnt that in life, knowing better is not doing better. It is simply knowing better because doing better requires more than just knowing. It involves, introspection, reflection, responsibility, action, commitment, and perseverance in order to transform knowing into doing.

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  1. totally agree dude...know is different from DO...the bridge - action!!

  2. Mere knowledge does not ensure good execution.The latter requires more qualities as you have rightly expressed.A short but powerful statemment

  3. The absolute truth if I have ever read the truth! Thank you. Yes!

  4. Hi Rhapsody,

    Please go to my blog and pick up your award.

  5. This is so very often we think it is just the knowing that gets us places. Without the implication of that knowledge, it's just taking up space in our heads!

    God bless and have a fantastic weekend!

  6. Hi DSB:)

    There is profound wisdom contained in your words.

    This reminds me of a saying in Tamil---A BEAUTIFUL APPLE DRAWN ON PAPER IS NOT FIT TO EAT. We read so many things but don't have the will power to execute our knowledge. We can acquire so many degrees in various fields of knowledge but we will not become rich and famous like Maria Sharapova who has no education but earns in the range of $26 million a year. We cannot become a Michael Jackson because we are more interested in talking than doing. It is the doing that gets us the results.

    I can add some more words to your list such as will power, determination, perseverance, foregoing present gratification for future success,sacrifice, sweat and tears and so on.

    I can tell you of an Indian example. Dirubhai Amabani, an illiterate man, built a world class business empire and employed people with high qualifications to run his business successfully.

    I know your intention. You want us to shed our lethargy and get moving to translate our dreams into realities.

    Lovely thought from a brilliant brain.

    Have a wonderful day DSB:)

  7. dear Rhapsody,
    wonderful way of respecting the readers for leaving their comments!
    a very sincere post.knowing more can lead to doing better by bringing awareness,becomg rolemodels n showing's rightly said,practise what you preach.
    wishing you a happy weekend,

  8. sorry for the long delay... wasnt able to get in here.... uff
    glad me here finaly...

  9. Beautifully put. I completely agree. Just look at ourselves. Most of us know our values. But do we practice it diligently - even when no one is looking ?


  10. What a great lesson for us all! Very motivational thoughts!

  11. i totally agree.enjoy your weekend.

  12. It is hard to do that when I thought then I must follows through but result was remains to be just knowing.The human nature?Have a nice day,Michiko

  13. Good Morning Rhap…So true…Patience…One of the most important things I have learned to add along with faith.Together they always seem to come up with the right answer(s).Have a wonderful week and start dressing warmer.Here’s to good health…Greg

  14. Yes it is.. Knowing (sometimes) is hard to transform or put it into action.. And if we leave the things we learnt undone, it remains to be just "KNOWING".. Stay blessed.. And thank you for the wonderful, inspiring emails and for visiting my Space.. Have a great week!!

  15. Thank you for these thoughts in your blog. Be blessed!Cinderella

  16. Rhap, this is what I’m facing now. I have to transform my thinking (as knowing) into doing, it’s exciting to move on my life… for what I’ve been expected for so long.Thx, thx and thx!Hugs~

  17. have done is not the same as can do that’s for sure !!bhappi~x~

  18. j2Ms.FAB, When we run from responsibility too whom do we run? Ignorance is bliss. Or, is it?j

  19. Well, it all depends, but sometimes it’s better not to know. Knowing is a whole lot of responsibility.

  20. Wow! How very true this is. Far too often, the knowing is there, without the doing. That’s putting the knowing into action.

  21. Volumes are spoken in this statement Ms Rhaposdy. Yes present tense because the work goes on.j


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