May 27, 2009


St. Lawerance Market (since 1803) is located at 92 Front street in Toronto at the intersection of Front & Jarvis. I enjoy shopping here especially for the organically grown vegetables and the freshly baked breads. There is nothing like mouth water hot bread and the banquet of shops with meats and cheeses to add to it to make a magnificent sandwich. If you are like me then you love the challenge of building one yourself with a variety of meats and vegetables or you can opt to buy from the shops/bakery that not only bakes the breads but makes sandwiches there as well. One can source just about any imaginable food item in this market, it is a heavens delight from fresh baked goods, jams, pastas, fresh fruits, vegetables, art, gourmet coffee, organic products, fantastically fresh sea foods to hand crafted jewelry etc. Sometimes I'd take a friend and we will go exploring to see what new additions have become a stable at the market.

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