May 28, 2009

11 Happiness is a choice

As life unfolds we are presented with many things, situations and circumstances that take us through the paces. Some we choose and are prepared to deal with (at least in theory), while others we are unprepared for and ill equipped to deal with but must.

In life at times we can be unwillingly co-opted or swept up into by virtue of proximity, friendships or family unexpectedly bad, disruptive and continuous negative situations and circumstances. When that happens it can stir some of our strongest emotions (resentment, anger, discomfort, fear, dread signalling the loss of control) that can threaten our joy and happiness if we are not careful. This can occur if we give too much of ourselves, mind, body, spirit and will over to what is happening, things we cannot control and have no control over. This is especially true for children, as a child I cannot tell you the sense of powerlessness that pervaded my world.

The thing I discovered and know to be true is that we all have power.  It may not be as noticeable evident as the person in “authority,” i.e. society’s position of power but it is there. It is in the way you think, the way you will not allow particular situations, circumstances and persons to influence and shape your thinking based on the outcome or their behaviour.

You see no matter what is happening around you, outside of you, you are the only one controlling what is happening inside of you. That is not to say that whatever you are experiencing seizes to be impactful, painful or devastating. It is to say that in your mind, in your spirit, in your soul, in the midst of all the out of control madness, you are the boss of your thinking. You are the authority on you, you and only you control how those outside influences (people, situation/circumstance) shape who you are and who you will become. Hence you can experience joy and happiness even in the midst of what may feel like hopelessness and ciaos.

Negative situations do not mean you cannot be happy or that you cannot experience joy, hope or have faith. Undoubtedly as you journey through life things will shaped, reshape, influence and inform your point of view. That can also be said for culture, tradition, socio-economic class, spiritual practices, philosophy, ethos and experiences. My point is happiness can still exist and coexist within all those realms of unpredictability’s bringing along with it lessons to be had if one has the proclivity to get the lessons the experience(s) brought.

While as human beings we are not able to control all that life hurls our way we can certainly determine how we allow “it” whatever “it” maybe to change and inform who we are and who we are to become. Whilst malevolent and benevolent behaviours can be contextually justifiable neither are permanent human conditions. Choose to be happy no matter what life throws your way. Perhaps one might designate me an eternal optimist, so be it, who voluntarily wants to live in a perpetual state of discontent and misery, certainly not me!

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