May 24, 2009

8 The Miracle of Sunsets

I love taking pictures and sunsets are one of my favorite things to take because for the most part no two sunsets are alike, the play of lights and colors are stunning. It is simply amazing. Every once in a while I encounter some similarities, I found some that were so similar that if it wasn’t for the fact that I was the photographer I would have sworn it was the same scene however it is not. The locations are different and they were taken weeks apart. Take a look below you will know exactly what I mean when you see them.

Uncanning similarities in these 4 photos (top 2 & bottom 2 are different).

Let me know what you think and please do share any sunset photos you have with me.


  1. Beautiful pics that I propose to use with your permission in my messages where apt.Thanks for your comments.I can reply some of them if I have your email address

  2. Hi, I found your blog through dear Joseph at Life in Motion. These are fantastic photos and you are correct, the similarities are uncanny, especially those last two!

    Your blog is lovely...I will have to stop by to visit again!

  3. You have an amazing blog here, beautiful pics indeed!Keep up the great work:)

  4. The fourth pair and last four are just amazingly 'Wow'!!
    But I couldn't make out much similarity between the others pairs.
    Is that the unique hue and form of clouds that make each sunset unique??

  5. Hi:)


    Amazing sunsets! They take my breath away!

    If I was a poet I would have composed a poem for the sunset and for you, the expert photographer.

    Normally, it is my habit to make Three Wishes when I see a sunset. You made me make 42 wishes in one post which means even if I make one wish a week, I am left with only 12 more wishes for the entire year. The problem is I have to find new things to wish for:)

    Now my mind has stopped working after making so many wises and therefore all sunsets look the same to me:) Ofcourse, some with dark clouds and some without.

    Many thanks for sharing these gorgeous photos with an excellent write up.

    Have a lovely day:)

  6. After a long while …
    Hey this is something that I love ..
    I got a good collection of , well both dawn and dusk…

    I read your commend at other end .. thank you for that …
    Fathers too are important, in fact I love my papa more!

  7. Awesome pictures!
    Great clicks!
    Impressive thoughts!

    Friend your post is amazing...I loved it!

    Even I have a collection of sunset & sunrise pictures, and have shared some in my blog.

    If you find time, do visit I would be happy to know your comments :-)

  8. Beautiful. I love looking at the sky!


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