Jul 24, 2021


It is wise to understand the priority position you occupy in the lives of the people around you and with whom you regularly communicate and interact. The knowledge will help you in managing your expectations and accepting the quality of the relationship. 

The realty is sometimes we position people high on our priority list who may have us lowly positioned on theres or we may not even make their list.  

Understanding where you're located on someone's priority list does not determine your value as a human being. It does however teaches you how much of you to invest. 

A simple truth. People make time for what and who they feel is important. They do not make excuses, they make the time.

Every relationship carries with it an investment of time, physical presence, emotion and energy, all of which has value. Not everyone is worthy of that investment thus, there is wisdom in knowing. 

Fact: You cannot make someone care for you or about you. You cannot force someone to prioritize you in their life. You cannot force someone to make time for you or spend time with you. Their unwillingness to prioritize you, has nothing to do with you or your worth. In fact their active demonstration of none reciprocation of caring, lack of prioritizing is a good thing even though it feels shitty. 

Why is their lack of  prioritization a good thing? It is a good thing because it teaches you the importance of not investing in others who is not willing to be equally invested in you. 

Moral of the story:

Know your worth, and understand the significance of the value of your time and energy, and all that you have to consistently offer.

D.S.B.S Rhapsody Phoenix


  1. This has been brought home to me (painfully) the past few years. Yet it's also given me permission to let go of relationships that were no longer optimum.

    1. Ah yes, pain is often the teacher of most things, though i prefer to learn by other means than pain.

  2. I kept trying to hang on to a old friend who never calls ,she would come to town for a month get together with certain people and barely make time for me seeing me one day towards the end of their visit. I finally let it go.

    1. Hi Mary:
      Thank you for sharing your painful experience. It does take a few tries before you are able to come into acceptance and let go of those people we value who do have the same value for you and do not wish to be held. On the bright side, it leaves room for you to grow and develop richer more engaging relationships. Take the good, leave the not so good and uncomfortable behind. Not all relationships are forever.


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