Jun 22, 2021


One person can mean many things to many different people. 

Your hero can be someone's villian

Your savoir someone's  oppressor

Your supporter someone's antagonist

Your protector someone adversary

Your lover someone's rapist

Your daddy someone's child molester

Your mama someone's abuser

The same person can represent different things to many people

If you were exposed to the good, glory be. Do not however, assume your experience onto others. Do not debate. Do not be so righteous in your defense, that you negate, invalidate, wound, and dismiss another's experience of that person. Offer empathy. If empathy is not a hill you can climb. Offer silence.

If you cannot be of help, do not be of hindrance.

Human beings are complex and multifaceted, capable of a great many things, some of them amazingly magnificent and some quite unimaginably depraved.

Written by D.S.B.S. Rhapsodyphoenix

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