May 31, 2020


Sometimes human beings are the source of their own suffering. This is most evident when at times we refused to tell the truth of 
who we are in preference of manipulating others perception of us. When we allow shame the dominance to narrate who are, how we behave and influence who we are to become.

When we hold too long to relationships we know is no longer nurturing, encouraging, uplifting or inspiring us but diminishing, degrading, sabotaging, eroding and corroding our self-esteem, self-worth and self value leaving us a fraction of a true selves.

You cannot hide your greatness indefinitely under a blazing bushel at some point the flame will extinguish and there you are.

Life challenges at times may seem insurmountable but they're doable. It does not require finesse or grace to triumph. All that is required is a little courage, a willingness to forge through with a sprinkle of fortitude and determination and you will get over, under, around and through.
  • Choose to be you without apology and know that you are ENOUGH.. 
  • Be the acceptance you seek. 
  • Joy is a choice, choose it regardless of what comes your way.  
  • Teach yourself to honor yourself, your spirit, your soul and understand the value of YOU.
  • Develop healthy boundaries and set the standard for how you will be treated.


  1. Beautiful thoughts at a time of stress, anger, change and hope.

  2. These are wonderful words of wisdom, but sadly, there are many who suffer from almost crippling lack of self-esteem, often due to being verbally or physically abused by those who profess to love us. We often start to believe that we are not worthy and don't deserve the best, and we lose who we are. Through healing, we can eventually learn to honor ourselves again and to develop the healthy boundaries to ensure we don't fall into the same horrible trap over and over. Thank you so much for the reminder to be who we are supposed to be. Many hugs, RO

    1. Thank you Ro, some of us have a rough start and inherit the inflection of the infection and the by product is indeed low self-esteem, value, worth with little or no healthy boundaries. It is why it worth every positive effort it takes to root out the toxic infections imbedded within the mind, body and psyche so we can get to whom we are meant to be and to enjoy life as it should be with our best selves. Hugs back.

      have a great week.


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