Sep 5, 2019


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The train door opened at Bathurst Station and everyone bails out. To the side of the doors stood passengers ready to board.

As the last passenger - male Caucasian, mid to late forties readied to board he step back and held the door for a woman to proceed him. Just as she entered the doors quickly closed on him. He had his right on the door so it was slight ajar. He tried prying the doors open further so he could enter but he couldn't. No one on the inside helped. He let go as disappointment marked his features and his body sagged. He looked dejected.

Chivalry bowed his head and left him feeling disappointed.


  1. Well I, for one, hope Chivalry lifts his head and keeps on trying. We need more chivalry and kindness in the world.

    I was thrilled to hear you're considering writing a book. Go for it! Not for fame and fortune, but because it will bring you joy. (A bit of frustration at times, too, but mostly joy... and we need more of that in the world, too.)

  2. I feel sorry for the man. These days, it is not easy being a nice gentleman.

  3. Just stopped by for a visit. Love what you've done to the place.


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