Jul 18, 2019


I opened the door of the bakery to exit when I heard, "excuse me, can you help me get to the 511 bus. I need to get to the hospital."

I looked up and beheld a 6 foot 4" 275 lbs behemoth of a man. His thick strawberry blonde grey highlighted shaggy hair fell slight over one eye and brushed his shoulders as he stood awaiting my response. "Sure, no problem (he held on to my right arm), we will have to use the elevator since the escalator is out of service."
"Ok", he said and we proceeded forward.

We arrived at the elevator, unfortunately it too was out of service. I said to the gentleman, "we will have to take the stairs since the elevator is also out of service. The stairway is to the left about 4 footsteps forward." 

We reached the staircase and before we climbed it together he thanked me again and introduced himself. "My name is Matthew, thank you for helping me, you are so nice."

"No problem Matthew, we all need help at one point or another. I am Rhapsody." 

During our climb he explained that he was going to the hospital and needed the bus. I relayed that the bus is no longer running and were replaced by the Streetcars. He responded surprised and ask if I could guide him directly to the front seating area. As we approached the Streetcar I explained that is the new longer one as the seating arrangements are quite different from the older models. He shared that he has never ridden the newer cars. As we neared I verbally guided him to the front of the Streetcar. We said our goodbyes, he thanked me again and then boarded and sat down.  

I moved down to the second exit/entrance and was ready to sit down when I noticed Matthew was reaching in a searching pattern the sides of the Streetcar walls and realized he was searching for a bell. I approached him and asked, "Matthew are you trying to find the bell?"
"Yes I am, where is it?" He asked.
"There is no bell in this area, Matthew." Just then the driver of the Streetcar was boarding. I directed him to Matthew and Matthew conveyed that he'll need the stop at the hospital. The streetcar driver assured him he will stop and let him know. Matthew relaxed and sat back. I returned to my seat.


  1. I always love hearing about random acts of kindness, and Matthew ws so blessed that you were there to guide him in the right direction and minimize his anxiety.What a wonderful spirit you have. Hugs, RO

  2. Hope you're doing well! Hugs, RO


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