Aug 19, 2019


Five seats, seriously? She closed up 3 seats and parks her double baby stroller directly in front blocking access to the seats. She then proceeded to take her toddler girls out of the stroller and moved up to the front seats behind the bus driver and sits down. As the bus made its way to the subway picking up passengers they all looked at the blocked seats. At no point did the mother thought to either vacate the seats she currently occupied with her daughters and place them back in the stroller move it down slightly and occupy the other.  Instead she remained where she were and not look back once where she parked her stroller. Seriously, inconsiderate much?

I heard her before I saw her. Voice pitched high in anger she swore 3 ways to Sunday. 
"Don't fuck with me, you little shit, move your ass."

I turned my head to the right of the escalator and saw a toddler pause in mid stride, she hesitated, cringing she tried to take the moms hand.

"Don't touch me!" the mother screamed. The poor baby's mouth opened in a silent scream. Tears streamed down her face. Her older sister perhaps 4/5 walked quietly beside the mother. I looked at the mother. Her face was twisted in rage. She was so angry, she looked so out of control. All the way up the escalator I could hear her cussing at the baby. 

At the bus stop the baby tried to play with her, she screamed, "don't touch me, don't mess with me, don't test me or I'll hurt you." The child looked at her with a fearful bewilderment yet determination. She inched slowly to the mom, stopped and stared up at her. She inched closer and tentatively held out her hand. The mom gave her a side eye and pointed her index finger at her. The little girl jumped back a little.

I stared at the mother hard. She looked at me and I kept eye contact with her. I glanced at both her girls then back at her. She remained quiet the rest of the ride. She presents so angry and her babies are suffering because her anger is traumatizing and infecting all them. The oldest child already seemed to have learned how to navigate the mother's outburst. I wish she gets help (the mom) Lord knows she is creating victims of violence who will more than likely choose what they know as this violent raging is sadly their norm. 


  1. OMG! I'm so afraid for those children who are being horribly abused!!!! Thank goodness your direct eye contact with their mother stopped some of the way they were being mistreated. I feel sick inside thinking about those poor children.

    Regarding the stroller - some people just don't get it. Hugs, RO

  2. Oh gosh. This is heartbreaking!


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