May 2, 2019


Observation on the train…

She walks into the train car and puts her bag in the corner seat fluffing it like a pillow. She sits on the middle seat swings her feet up and around the center pole and stretches her legs across the 3rd seat and rests her feet in the middle of the 2 seater. Occupying 5 seats she adjusts herself and promptly goes to sleep. Amazingly enough no one disturbed her even when the trained became packed to capacity. All the comforts of home I suppose.


  1. Poignant post. 2 of my kids live and commute by train in San Francisco. The subject of your post would meet with their approval so long as she left no bodily secretions behind. We live in strange times. Hopefully, our new governor --former mayor of SF-- will improve housing for the indigent.

    1. Hi Geo: I have seen many things in my daily commute to and from work. I try not to judge because the truth is you can a lot yet little by just looking at someone. I guess I am ok as long as they are not harassing or hurting anyone or hurting their selves.

  2. Sounds like this person works more than one job maybe, and is super tired? I'm just thrilled that no one bothers her once the train gets super busy. Hugs...RO

    1. Here for the most part is a live and let live attitude.

  3. Poor lady, I hope she is able to stay safe, watched by earthly angels. Life has to be extremely challenging for her to do that.

    May the angels continue to watch over her!


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