May 23, 2019


I took a quick trip to Kensington Market as a lunch break to pick up some freshly baked bread and some cheese. On my way back I stopped and sat on concrete bolder and made a cheese sandwich caveman style. No knife to make delicate slices rather ripped pieces of bread and broken uneven pieces of cheese slapped hastily inside. I hadn't eaten for the day and I was famished. As I sat and ate my deliciously impromptu cheese sandwich two men of Asian decent walked by in conversation. As I took another bite of my sandwich to appease my appetite I heard.…

"I am retarded," i raised my head to look at the speaker, the man to the far right.
"No you're Not," exclaimed the man to his left.
"Yes I am," says the man to the far right his face in fixed sincerity. with a solemness that was kind of scary to witness, He looked the other man in the eyes and said, "I am retarded, I am."
As the conversation walked away with them I heard the man left of him say…
"You know psychologist says that when you are abuse and called names as a child…" 
The conversation faded completely and i found myself mentally finishing the statement for him…'you internalized those false notions and beliefs about yourself and keep reinforcing them and reliving the experience hindering yourself from rising to excellence.'

We must be careful, what we say to ourselves, about ourselves less it become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

It is wise to investigate and take heed ones internal dialogue in order to deconstruct internalized falsehoods  about ourselves in order to reconstruct with positive acclamation so that we life and build ourselves in order to manifest the truth of our authenticity.


  1. Isn't that the truth?! We have to be very careful what we tell our children. Still... I'm also hearing that some parents of the more current generation is overdoing the escalating of their children's egos and not preparing for the real world.

    1. It is a fine balance. I would also include what we say to ourselves aloud in front of our children for we teach not only by the things we say and don't say. We teach by the things we do, so if we are not being good to ourselves and treating ourselves right then we are in essence teaching our children how to not to treat their selves right.


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